Company Profile

Maistra PLC. is a leading hotel company in Croatia and part of the Adris Group.

Headquartered in Rovinj, Maistra PLC. was established in March of 2005, having inherited 50 years of experience in the tourism business. The company presently has 10 high quality hotels, 8 tourist resorts and 6 campsites situated at prestigious locations in Rovinj and Vrsar, two Istrian tourist centres of exceptional natural and cultural/historic values. The total portfolio capacity amounts to nearly 34,000 guests, resulting in the figures of approximately 5 % of the tourist results of Croatia, and slightly more than 15 % of the tourist results of Istria.

The mission of Maistra PLC. is to become a first-class distinctive hospitality brand at the international level that will, in addition to relying heavily on its destination brands, provision of an authentic Istrian, Croatian and Mediterranean experience, a highly personalized service, and development of innovative and competitive facilities, enable the creation of true experiences for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the most demanding guests and positioning itself among the leading tourist companies in the Mediterranean.

This is why Maistra PLC. has set ambitious targets in development of its tourist portfolio and creating and building its own tourist product brands with top quality of facilities and services. The Company focuses on development of luxury tourism and introduction of 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts that will be the basis for the positioning of both the destination and the Company.

For the purpose of realizing its development goals in 2005 Maistra PLC. made a strategic development plan which included extensive construction and remodeling projects for the existing facilities and properties. Apart from the already invested sum of nearly HRK 3 billion, Maistra intends to invest additional HRK 2 billion. In addition to development of facilities intended for holiday tourism, the strategic plan particularly focused on development of complementary facilities (congress facilities, sporting facilities, wellness facilities and other special-interest facilities), which provide for development of new market segments and year-round intensive tourist activity in the destination.

Investments, 2005 – 2015

The implementation of the investment plans has begun in 2005 with investments in the Petalon Tourist Resort in Vrsar and the Amarin Tourist Resort in Rovinj, and investments targeted on improvement of camp facilities in both destinations.

In 2006, Maistra PLC. invested almost 510 million HRK. 91 million HRK was invested in the Belvedere Tourist Resort in Vrsar and 49 million HRK was invested in the apartment resort within the Koversada Naturist Park, whereby the categories of these two resorts were upgraded to 4 stars. The most significant projects in 2006 include the investment in Hotel Istra in Rovinj worth 182 million HRK, whereby the hotel became distinctive for its first wellness centre on the subject of the Mediterranean. That same year, Maistra PLC. implemented its investments in Hotel Eden in Rovinj, thus significantly raising the quality of all accommodation units and a part of the common areas and facilities.

In 2007, the investments included the initial phase of construction of the Cap Aureo zone and preparation for completion of investments in the Belvedere Tourist Resort. The above investments continued in 2008 when their value reached 367 million HRK. The primary focus was on the construction of the Monte Mulini and Lone forming, together with Hotel Eden and Hotel Park, part of the Cap Aureo Zone. Other investments in 2008 included the Petalon and Belvedere Tourist Resorts in Vrsar and Koversada Apartments and totaled 65 million HRK – with such complete offer, the facilities are now among the leading products of the sort in Croatia.

Maistra PLC. marked the year 2008 by another significant investment, having purchased the Katarina hotel complex located on the island of the same name, right next to the old town core of Rovinj.

The year 2009 represents a turning point in the tourist offer of both the destination and the company. Having opened the first 5-star hotel in Rovinj, the Monte Mulini, a boutique hotel meeting the highest standards of luxury leisure clientele that cost almost 200 million HRK, Maistra PLC. provided Rovinj and Croatia with a completely new quality dimension. In July same year, Maistra PLC. opened an all-suite hotel within Hotel Istra, the first tourist facility of the sort in Croatia, which conceptually supplements the extensive tourist facilities on the Island of Sv. Andrija. Maistra PLC. invested 30 million HRK in the construction of this luxurious facility.

The construction of the Lone hotel, the biggest greenfield investment in Croatian tourism in recent period worth over HRK 350 million, was launched in 2010 and completed in June 2011. With the Lone hotel, completely designed by Croatian designers and artists, from its architecture to interior design, Maistra is the first in Croatia to introduce the international Design Hotels brand.

The most significant proportion of the investments of Maistra PLC. in 2013 is connected with investments in the Amarin tourist resort, whose service was completely raised to the level of 4 stars. 190 new apartments were built on the location of the 271 old ones, and the joint complex with three swimming pools and the adjoining beach restaurant were refurbished. The refurbishment of Amarin, carried out once again by 3LHD, an architecture studio from Zagreb, required an investment of HRK 132 million, making it one of the largest tourist investments on the Adriatic coast in 2013.

In 2013, a total of HRK 29 million was invested in the construction of a joint swimming pool complex of the Eden and Lone hotels, including the Oleander restaurant, while an additional sum of HRK 18 million was invested in a total refurbishment of the Wellness & Spa Centre in the Eden Hotel. The entire area of the Lone Bay, the beach and the promenade, were completely refurbished in 2014 with a HRK 25-million-worth investment. The second half of 2014 was characterised by the signing of an agreement with Atlantska plovidba, whereby Maistra PLC. gained 81.6 % of ownership in the Hilton Imperial Hotel in Dubrovnik. The cooperation with that world-renowned brand, as well as a shift from Rovinj to that prestigious Croatian tourist destination, represents the continuation of Maistra's strategy of growth and development in the highest hospitality segment.

In 2015, after a comprehensive six-month refurbishment in which Maistra had invested 30 million kuna, the oldest hotel in Rovinj, Adriatic, was reopened whereas 2016 the Amarin Hotel, whose offer is geared towards families with children, was opened on the location of the former Valdaliso hotel and campsite.

Future investment plans

2018 will see the opening of a new hotel in Rovinj, with its value exceeding 600 million kuna. The investment has been recognised as being of strategic importance to Croatian tourism. Leading local and international architects and designers have been hired for this project as well.

The past investments in the tourist product of Maistra totalling 3 billion kuna have placed Maistra hotels at the top of Croatia’s premium offer when it comes to prices and consumer satisfaction. A strong investment cycle, with emphasis on direct distribution channels, has resulted in an increase in average prices and a slight prolongation of the season. By 2020, new investments worth 2 million kuna are planned which will enable the overall offer to be on a 4 and 5 star rating level.

The tourist product of Maistra PLC. in 2018 consists of 9 hotels with a total of 1561 accommodation units, 8 resorts with a total of 1948 accommodation units, and 6 campsites with a total of 8090 plots. The grand total capacity of Maistra amounts to 11544 accommodation units for 34635 guests.

Maistra’s accomodation capacity in 2018

Monte Mulini - Rovinj 113 246
Lone - Rovinj 248 568
Eden - Rovinj 325 832
Island Hotel Istra - Rovinj 326 821
All Suite Island Hotel Istra - Rovinj 32 100
Pineta - Vrsar 99 258
Adriatic - Rovinj 18
Island Hotel Katarina - Rovinj 120 296
Amarin - Rovinj 280 996
Total (hotels) 1.561 4.139
Belvedere - Vrsar 310 1.064
Petalon - Vrsar 224 636
Amarin - Rovinj 461 1.868
Naturist park Koversada Apartments - Vrsar 119 484
Naturist park Koversada Villas - Vrsar 215 464
Villas Rubin - Rovinj 357 1.380
Riva - Vrsar 34 148
Funtana - Vrsar 228 512
Total (resorts) 1.948 6.556
Polari - Rovinj 1.731 6.000
Polari - mobile homes 269
Veštar - Rovinj 716 2.310
Veštar - mobile homes 54
Amarin - Rovinj 800 2.400
Porto Sole - Vrsar 800 2.400
Porto Sole - mobile homes 20
Naturist park Koversada - Campsite - Vrsar 1.700 5.100
Valkanela - Vrsar 1.771 6.000
Valkanela - mobile homes 229
Total (campsites) 8.090 24.210
TOTAL MAISTRA PLC. 11.544 34.635