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Maistra partners

This B2B section is for Maistra partners and those who wish to become a Maistra partner.

Maistra Partners programme

For example, for smaller tourist agencies who want to sell Maistra facilities, a special programme has been made. More about the conditions for cooperation can be read under tourist agencies “Work at request”.

MAISTRA d.d. organises group trips, corporate sports, a wide range of sports activities, training and tournaments, as well as other group services.
Travel agencies
MAISTRA d.d. offers the option of selling its capacities through travel agencies which do not have an allotment agreement, offering cooperation on the Work upon Request principle.
MAISTRA d.d. offers discounted purchases of packages, holidays, weekend holidays, business travel, corporate sport games, incentives and complete offers only for corporations and their employees that have a Corporate Business Cooperation Agreement in place with Maistra d.d.
Exclusive offers