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Travel agencies

MAISTRA d.d. offers the option of selling of its capacities through travel agencies which do not have an allotment agreement and offers cooperation on the Work upon Request principle.

Travel agencies

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to thank you for collaborating with us in the past and would like to present you the way our co-operation will function in 2020, with the purpose of providing you with a simpler and quicker way of checking availability and booking accommodation, thus contributing to the development of an even better partnership.

You can check availability and make a booking through our Booking Centre via e-mail, phone: +385 52 800 250, or fax: +385 52 800 215.


Accommodation prices are liable to change in different periods, depending on demand for accommodation units. When making a specific enquiry or availability check, you should always also check the current price. The prices given are gross values, which means that they are subject to a pre-arranged commission.

Commission The commission is 15%.

Terms of payment:

  1. The partner pays the full amount (minus the commission) in advance, at least 15 days before the guest’s arrival, with an invoice, via bank transfer. If paying via bank transfer, please use the following bank account no: IBAN: HR 6423600001101825710 / SWIFT: ZABA HR 2X at Zagrebačka banka d.d., Paromlinska 2, HR-10000 Zagreb in favour of: MAISTRA d.d., Obala V. Nazora 6, HR-52210 Rovinj

    The partner’s credit card must be used as a booking guarantee until payment is received.

    If a payment announced by the agency has not been made by the agency itself, but rather directly by the client, that payment will be treated as an individual payment and will not be regarded as the agency’s dealings.

  2. Bookings made less than 48 hours before arrival

    a) For reservations within 48 hours before the scheduled arrival, payment can be made only via the agency’s credit card, straight after receiving the invoice.

    b) The guest pays the full amount at reception, while the commission is paid to the partner after the service has been completed (at the end of the stay) and a bill has been sent. The partner’s credit card must be used as a booking guarantee.

Booking cancellations

Bookings can be cancelled free of charge by 14:00 (CET) at least 15 days before the scheduled arrival date.

Cancellations made 7 - 15 days before the scheduled date of arrival will be charged for one night per booked unit, for those made 0 - 7 days or in case of a no show we keep 100% of the advance payment, i.e. we will charge the partner’s card for the full amount of the booked stay.

Note: “One night” means charging for the first day of the booking.


Special terms apply for guest accommodation during events with our CATERERS; for such events, terms of “query-based services” do not apply.

Additional services/service change

Services that have not been pre-requested or paid will be charged directly to the customer, based on the price list of the accommodation unit that is applicable at the time when the service is provided.

Sale termination

In case of fully booked capacities, we reserve the right to suspend further sales to the PARTNER and/or refuse to sell a larger number of rooms, regardless of whether sales via our individual channel at is still open.

Our goal is to achieve a successful partnership and good business results through our quality service and support.

We look forward to working with you! Sincerely yours, Maistra Booking Centre