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Tradition in Dubrovnik: Linđo Dance

Linđo, a popular traditional dance of the Dubrovnik region, is part of most major festivities in the old city and one of the region’s most unique attractions.

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Explore Walls of Dubrovnik

Considered one of the greatest and best preserved fortification systems from medieval times.

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History of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is museum city protected by UNESCO World Heritage status since 1979.

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How Long to Stay in Dubrovnik

If you are making plans for your next vacation, you are probably wondering how long you should stay in Dubrovnik.

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Top Selfie Spots in Dubrovnik

The city offers a variety of inspiring landscapes, beautiful historic buildings and structures, and bustling squares and markets to keep tourists and photographers busy for days.

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Dubrovnik: Best Movie Locations to Visit

Featured in several popular and highly anticipated productions.

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Active Holiday in Dubrovnik

You can swim, run, take a kayaking, biking or walking tours, visit the Elaphiti Islands, National Park Mljet on island of Mljet or visit towns nearby.

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All You Need to Know Before Arriving to Dubrovnik

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Dubrovnik, there is some things that you will surely like to know.

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Plan your dream wedding at the spectacular Dubrovnik Riviera

If you are planning a romantic wedding in Dubrovnik or at Dubrovnik Riviera, look no further, we have all it takes to plan a dream wedding!

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Discover Dubrovnik Gastronomy

The fundaments of Dubrovnik cuisine are fresh fish and sea food, olives, olive oil, seasonal vegetables and spices like rosemary, laurel, garlic, basil, parsley and more.

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Best spots to watch the sunset in Rovinj

Did you know that Rovinj has over 130 sunny days per year, which makes it the sunniest spot on the Istrian peninsula?

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The top 10 attractions for Rovinj visitors

Rovinj is one of the most popular and most developed tourist resorts in Croatia. Visit Rovinj!

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Oasis of peace in the magical forest

Known as Punta Corrente, The Zlatni Rt is the most significant nature park in the northeastern part of coastal Croatia.

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Cook as the Locals Do

The Lone Hotel does not want it’s guests to return from their holidays with just the nice memories, so it puts together culinary programs that allow any guest to take away a portion of Istrian cuisine when they leave for home.

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Adriatic for Adriatic

Hotel guests can choose a number of environmentally conscious experiences during their stay.

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Maksimir Park and Zagreb Zoo

The park is integral to the city’s cultural heritage and protected both as a cultural and historical monument and as a monument of landscape architecture.

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Visit the famous castles of Hrvatsko Zagorje and the surroundings of Zagreb and revive historic legends

Hrvatsko Zagorje is known for its many stories and myths about people who have lived and ruled in the region throughout its history.

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Medvedgrad Guards One of Croatia’s Darkest Legends

Medvedgrad and The Legend of The Black Queen.

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Day Trips from Zagreb

The most popular destinations for one day trips from Zagreb are Plitvice Lakes, Medvednica mountain, Trakošćan Castle, Veliki Tabor castle, Varaždin, and Samobor.

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Museum of Broken Relationships

Opened in October 2010, the museum is dedicated to showcasing the remnants of failed romantic relationships and features a collection of personal objects that encapsulate experiences associated with break-ups.

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