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While in Dubrovnik there is a lot of activities you can do if you are fan of active holiday.

Active Holiday in Dubrovnik

You can swim, run, take a kayaking, biking or walking tours, visit the Elaphiti Islands, National Park Mljet on island of Mljet or visit towns nearby.

Dubrovnik is town of rich history surrounded by beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, islands and national parks worth of seeing.

Dubrovnik is town of rich history surrounded by beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, islands and national parks worth of seeing.

While in Dubrovnik there is a lot of activities you can do if you are fan of active holiday. You can swim, run, take a kayaking, biking or walking tours, visit the Elaphiti Islands, National Park Mljet on island of Mljet or visit towns nearby.

Active Tours

If you take a kayaking tour you will be able to see Dubrovnik from completely different perspective. Paddling around the City Walls you will get impressive view of this stunning town. Cristal clear sea, hidden caves and beaches all those and more is part of tour experience.

There is a lot of different kinds of tours among which you can chose, like elite tour, sunset tour or Game of Thrones tour.

If you like biking there is a wide offer of different tours. You can take a Dubrovnik countryside bike tours, with visiting vineyards and vine tasting, and enjoying the ride in region full of typical Mediterranean vegetation and magnificent natural landscape.

Also, there is some tours that are combining the kayak and bike tours with exploring Elaphiti Islands. You can paddle from Dubrovnik, biking though majestic sites and olive groves on Lopud and Sipan.

Walking and running torus will guide you through history and beauty of Dubrovnik Old town, it’s walls and heritage. If you are more in hiking and nature you should hike to mount Srd or take one of the numerous guided hiking or walking tours.


Elaphiti Islands

Elaphiti Islands are situated close to Dubrovnik, it’s six islands archipelago, not including small islets, but there is three main that are permanently inhabited, each of which supports a modest tourist industry Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan. Two of them are car free so it’s a perfect place to get away from busy life and reconnecting with nature.

Lopud is best known for its sandy beaches. It’s second largest of the Elaphiti islands and touristically, the most developed island in the Elaphiti archipelago. The settlement of Lopud is one of the most frequented of island places. The island was more inhabited in history it had 2 monasteries, 30 churches and a significant number of summer manors and palaces from XVI century that are today only partly preserved.

Kolocep is nearest to Dubrovnik just around 3 miles from the main Dubrovnik port. Because of its closeness is popular destination among Dubrovnik residents and gusts. Its sub-tropical vegetation, ancient olive groves, fresh sea air, sandy beaches, clear sea, hidden caves and more make this island very attractive to visitors.

Sipan is the biggest island in archipelago and the most distant from Dubrovnik. There are two larger settlements connected with road Sipanska Luka and Sudurad. The island is well known by its vineyards, olive groves, hidden beaches and numerous summer residents built by aristocratic Dubrovnik families during the XV century. Like other Elaphiti Islands Sipan is silent and peaceful place to run away from summer rush.

All islands are easily reachable by ferry and catamaran lines, or you can choose one of the many organized day trip tours from Dubrovnik.



Mljet is one of the most beautiful and most forested islands of the Adriatic. Because of its unattached nature, and beauty most of the island is national park. On Mljet are several villages, two saltwater lakes, Benedictine monastery best natural anchorages in the Adriatic. Mljet is rich of historical, cultural and natural heritage.

There is a lot to do, feel and see. You can go hiking on the Mljet hiking trail and enjoy the magical view or take a cycling tour ideal for mountain bike livers. You can explore the island coming the biking and kayak tours.

Sea around the Mljet are rich with underwater life, caves and sunken walls. Mljet was situated on the important maritime route of ancient Greek galleys, so on the bottom of the sea many amphoras are still telling the story of this ancient times. Dive into the clear sea and explore it.

Mljet is full of caves and ground erosions. The most famous is the Odyssey’s Cave, to which you can enter from the sea by a small boat. There are more attractive caves just waiting for you to explore them.

Mljet is easily accessible from Dubrovnik by ferries and catamaran lines.

Dubrovnik Rivera

Dubrovnik Riviera, or officially called Zupa Dubrovacka is 20km long coastline between Dubrovnik and Cavtat. It is stunning part of Croatia surrounded by nature, seaside and rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Beautiful beaches and resorts make this area attractive to stay while visiting Dubrovnik. Main villages of Dubrovnik Riviera are Mlini, Srebreno, Kupari, Soline and Plat. Each one of them has its own unique beauty.

Best Place to Stay While Exploring Dubrovnik Surroundings


The best place to stay while enjoying the active holiday discovering hidden beauty of Dubrovnik surroundings is Dubrovnik Riviera. Stunning and peaceful place to rest from city rush, but still close to everything you need to see.

Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels are offering comfortable accommodation in different kind of facilities: hotels, villas and apartments. So, you can choose whatever suits you most.

Hotel Astarea is located in the picturesque village of Dubrovnik Rivera, Mlini. Hotel is perfect getaway place, spacious rooms and stunning view. Another great hotel in Mlini is Hotel Mlini, real Mediterranean paradise near small secluded beaches. Hotel offers accommodation in luxurious rooms and unique experience. Villas Mlini, also located in beautiful place Mlini, will be your home away from home, spacious and modern equipped.

Another beautiful place to stay in Dubrovnik Riviera is small town Srebreno. Premium Apartments Srebreno facilities are located in center of Srebreno and include luxurious suits surrounded by picturesque promenade od Dubrovnik Riviera. Or you can stay in luxurious apartments of Villas Srebreno.

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel is luxurious resort Located in a secluded bay and surrounded with a stunning beach and crystal-clear waters. Hotel offers premium accommodation in stunning surroundings.

Whatever accommodation type of accommodation you choose for your vacation you will enjoy in this Mediterranean paradise.

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