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Best day trips from Zagreb

Day Trips from Zagreb

The most popular destinations for one day trips from Zagreb are Plitvice Lakes, Medvednica mountain, Trakošćan Castle, Veliki Tabor castle, Varaždin, and Samobor.

Travellers who have already explored Zagreb’s landmarks and architecture have a variety of options for day trips and excursions to choose from to make their visit a more memorable one.While cities like Dubrovnik, Vienna and Budapest are more than just a couple of hours away and require more than a single day to be properly explored, destinations like Plitvice Lakes, some of Croatia’s castles and Baroque cities, Ljubljana and Lake Bled in the neighbouring Slovenia, and the Istrian and Dalmatian coast are only some of the places that can be visited in a day that will leave a lasting impression.

Zagreb excursions

The most popular destinations for one day trips from Zagreb are Plitvice Lakes, Medvednica mountain, Trakošćan Castle, Veliki Tabor castle, Varaždin, and Samobor. Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO-protected national park, is one of Croatia’s most visited – and most beautiful – destinations, with 16 clear blue lakes cascading into each other, interconnected with breathtaking waterfalls and rapids.

Medvednica mountain

Medvednica mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the city and is the number one weekend destination for hikers and all those looking to spend a relaxing day out in a natural surrounding and explore the forest, the caves and Medvedgrad, the ruins of a 13th century fortress overlooking the city.

Visit the famous castles of Hrvatsko Zagorje

Trakošćan Castle and Veliki Tabor in the Zagorje region appeal to lovers of nature and history alike and, with their picturesque landscapes, are considered to be among the country’s most beautiful castles.

Samobor and Varaždin

Samobor, a small town near Zagreb, is another popular weekend getaway spot, with its unique Baroque architecture, charming atmosphere, and a number of wine and gastronomy events luring guests throughout the year. Varaždin, the former capital of Croatia, also has a unique appeal, with numerous Baroque buildings, churches, monasteries, palaces and parks, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Croatian coast

Travellers visiting Zagreb over the summer can always leave the city heat behind and take a short trip to Istria or Dalmatia for a dip in the Adriatic. Some of the most popular summer destinations that are only a few hours away include Krk island, the Opatija Riviera, and Crikvenica. Bigger coastal cities like Pula, Zadar and Split are a bit farther away, but worth a visit for their iconic ancient buildings and palaces, beautiful old cityscapes, lovely beaches, and a variety of festivals and other events that take place during the summer season.

Zagreb hotels

Travellers looking to see more of Croatia while visiting Zagreb can book their stay at the International Hotel. Located only a short walk from the Zagreb Central Station and not far from the Zagreb Bus Terminal, the Sheraton makes an excellent base for exploring not only the city centre and some of Zagreb’s best known attractions, but also the rest of the country, either by bus or train. The spacious guest room and suites at the hotel offer plenty of comfort and a relaxing, personal atmosphere for guests.

Visitors looking for bed and breakfast accommodation in the heart of the city can find comfortable rooms with all the modern amenities at the Hotel Jadran. The hotel has a special offer for travellers looking for a weekend stay in Zagreb with trips to Plitvice Lakes or Medvednica mountain In addition to day trips with guided tours, the offer also includes the Zagreb card with complimentary tickets for public transportation and discounts at some of the city’s museums, restaurants and shops.

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