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Dubrovnik has rich gastronomical offer based on healthy Mediterranean diet.

Discover Dubrovnik Gastronomy

The fundaments of Dubrovnik cuisine are fresh fish and sea food, olives, olive oil, seasonal vegetables and spices like rosemary, laurel, garlic, basil, parsley and more.

Although Dubrovnik cuisine is based on Mediterranean food there are some dishes you can try only in Dubrovnik, as a result of influence of different cultures trough long history of town.

In Dubrovnik surroundings are a lot of vineyards and olive groves from where top-quality wines and oil are coming to complement every meal. In Stone, town near Dubrovnik, is located the oldest saltern in Europe, dating back from time of Roman empire. During the medieval ages the salt was highly valued not only used for cooking but also for preserving meat, fish and cheese. Without the salt from Stone there will not be famous prosciutto and salted sardines.

So, when in Dubrovnik don’t miss tasting all the richness of gastronomical offer. There are some dishes you must try during your stay in Dubrovnik.

Stewed mussels – Mušule na buzaru

As we are talking about diet based on sea food there is no better way to start than with simple but delicious shellfish dish locally called Mušule na buzaru. Buzara is pretty simple method of preparing sea food typical for Dubrovnik and all Dalmatia region. Mussels are being cooked together with wine, garlic, breadcrumbs, tomato sauce, parsley and other spices.

For all sea food and shellfish lovers it’s a must try thing.


Another delicatessens for all shellfish fans are oysters. Fresh or in sup you will love it. Oysters are traditionally cultivated in Ston bay near Dubrovnik since ancient times. Grown in clean sea oysters are for centuries special treat in this area.

Black Risotto

Still talking of sea food, black risotto is another must try meal while in Dubrovnik. In restaurants you will find it in appetizers menu. Risotto is made of rice (of course) with squid and squid ink that makes it black. Squid served in risotto is fresh caught by local fisherman. You can add some parmesan cheese and enjoy this unique risotto.

Dirty Macaroni – Makaruli Šporki

Even though it has “dirty” in the name is a dish you will want to taste. It’s very traditional dish of Dubrovnik cuisine made with macaroni pasta and red meat (beef) sauce. It’s similar to Italian pasta Bolognese or ragu di carne. In this dish the influence of Venetian empire in Dubrovnik is reflected.

Green Stew – Zelena Menestra

Zelena menestra is one of those traditional dishes that you want be able to tray anywhere else. It’s made of pork ribs or other kind of meat, cabbage and potatoes boiled for few hours. This healthy stew is traditionally made in this region for centuries. Different variations of this dish could be found in regions in Dubrovnik surroundings.

Ston Cake

And now sweets. The Ston cake will surprise and amaze you. It’s a cake made of pasta. Yes, pasta, usually penne or zitone combined with different additions like chocolate, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, lemon, butter or other.

Long time ago it was a luxury cake made for special occasions like weddings, holiday or other celebrations. The cake owns this appearance to times when people were trying to economize the ingredients for stuffing, so they started using pasta. Now its unique appearance made it touristic attraction that is worth of trying.


Rožata is another traditional dessert very popular in Dubrovnik. It’s a kind of pudding dessert with gelatin and citrus flavor especially popular during summer months. This authentic Dubrovnik dessert you want be able to find anywhere else. Its recipe is dating back in time of Venetian empire and this is another example of Venetian influence on Dubrovnik culture and tradition.

Where to stay while exploring the tastes of Dubrovnik

Surrounded by the sea on one side and pine woods on the other, with a breath-taking view of Župska Vala, Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels offer an ideal holiday experience, bringing together the marvelous landscape and an excellent selection of food and premium Dalmatian wines.

The restaurants and bars offer a wide range of traditional specialties of the Dubrovnik area, as well as specialties of Croatian and international cuisine prepared with carefully selected, fresh ingredients for a full taste.

Except great gastronomy Dubrovnik Rivera Hotels are offering different types of luxury accommodation in hotels, villas and premium apartments. Find out more about Dubrovnik Rivera Hotels accommodation and gastronomy offer.

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