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Read on the Rovinj top 10 attractions to find out what they are!

The top 10 attractions for Rovinj visitors

Rovinj is one of the most popular and most developed tourist resorts in Croatia. Visit Rovinj!

When you’re exploring Rovinj from your base at Maistra's hotels and resorts , one of the top hospitality company in Croatia, there are certain attractions which visitors to the city should be sure not to miss. Read on the Rovinj top 10 attractions to find out what they are!

1. Climb the Tower of St. Euphemia

The Largest baroque building in Istria, the Tower of St. Euphemia, is also the highest point in Rovinj, offering an enchanting view of the town and the archipelago that surrounds it. The Church tower is a replica of the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, with a bronze statue of Saint Euphemia on it's spire. The statue spins around to show the direction of the wind with her right hand.

2. Take a stroll through the Old Town

In a leisurely half-hour stroll you can see three of the most famous Rovinj streets, starting with the Carrera Street, full of galleries and small shops, passing to the Bregovita Street, considered the most beautiful one, and reaching the must-see Grisia Street, renowned for the traditional painting exhibitions organized in it.

3. Take a ride along the the bike trails of the Golden Cape Park Forest

The Protected Golden Cape Park Forest is a must-visit cycling, hiking and walking destination known for it's Himalayan Cedars, alleys of exotic cypresses and Mediterranean vegetation.

4. Visit the Batana Museum

Rovinj honors it's long fishing tradition in a museum dedicated to a small wooden flatboat – batana. There you can see a 15-minute film about the crafting of this specific flatboat accompanied with the sounds of bitinada (a traditional Rovinj a capella song).

5. Visit Monkodonja

Located 5 kilometers east of Rovinj, the ancient village of Monkodonjo dates back to the Bronze Age. Exceptionally preserved, encircled by walls in the length of over 1 km, it is composed of three parts: the central barrow, the crafts district and the living quarters. It is estimated that over one thousand inhabitants lived in the village.

6. Go birdwatching in the Palud Ornithological Reserve

Located only 10 km from Rovinj, this wetland area is famous for its richness of bird species. Palud is the only protected ornithological reserve in Istria and its biodiversity is due to the fusion of the wetland and the sea.

7. Dine at the Wine Vault Restaurant

Offering a unique oeno-centric gastronomic experience that combines French cuisine with a rich wine list that includes of more than 550 different labels from Croatia and around the world, this gourmet restaurant located in the 5-star boutique hotel of Monte Mulini is a foodie temple of Istria.

8. Scuba dive to the wreck of the Baron Gautsch

Austrian-Hungarian passenger ship Baron Gautsch, which sunk in 1914, still exudes the magical aura of La Belle Epoque, mostly because of it's magnificently preserved wreck lying at the depth of 40 meters off the coast of Rovinj.

9. Sport fishing

The indented coast of the Rovinj area with its numerous bays, islets and cliffs is a habitat to many species of fish and a place of primordial enjoyment for fans of sport fishing.

10. Swim and sunbathe on the beach that connects the Red Island and the island of Maškin

Don’t miss out on one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria. Explore the Island of St. Andrew (Red Island), it's trim trails and walkways, maintained gardens with around 120 plant species and an old castle housing the Count Huetterot Mini Museum, energy fields, a viewing spot, and a mausoleum on the island of Maškin.

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