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Maistra Hospitality Group Portfolio

Our portfolio is predominantly composed of 4 and 5 star hotels in Zagreb and in the most attractive destinations along the Adriatic coast – Rovinj, Vrsar, and Dubrovnik.

Maistra Branding

As a leading accommodation services provider in the segment of luxury holiday tourism, we truly understand the need that modern guests have for peace, relaxation, and renewal of mind and body.

As a result of the synergy between our strengths, our vision, and the uniqueness of our destinations, paired with the opinions and desires of our guests, we have formed Maistra’s new and comprehensive branding. The backbone of our new story and new positioning is the renewal of mind and body with soothing, beneficial, and refined experiences and activities that focus on the history and culture of the destination, bringing it to the forefront.

Our guests will find peace through quiet, unobtrusive and highly personalised service, refined pleasures, and unforgettable activities which will allow them to learn about the destination’s magnificent nature, culture, customs, and cuisine.

Guided by this philosophy, we have formed four segments, or rather, four brands to cater to the needs of modern guests: Maistra Collection, Maistra Select, Maistra Camping, and Maistra City Vibes.

Our brands

Other brands

Alongside our own-brand hotels, including those belonging to the Leading Hotels of the World and the Design Hotels consortium, our portfolio also includes the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera, The Westin Zagreb and Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik.

Sheraton Zagreb Hotel

Located in the heart of the city, the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel is close to all major city attractions, easily accessible and the perfect home for business guests, as well as leisure travellers who want to relax and explore all of Zagreb’s charms.

The Westin Zagreb Hotel

The Westin Zagreb is a home from home to many world-renowned guests, business people, top athletes, as well as all other guests looking for superior service and unique accommodation.

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel

A unique modern jewel on the Dubrovnik Riviera. Situated only a few minutes away from the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik, the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel combines contemporary design, impeccable service and luxury accommodation on the breathtaking Dubrovnik Riviera.

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is located in direct proximity of the Old City of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Housed in a historic 1897 building, it combines late 19th-century décor with modern technology.

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Discover the best ways to enjoy our destinations.


Rovinj, the pearl of Istria, offers a revitalising experience through discovering the local culture, enjoying local dishes in some of the finest restaurants, and exploring Mediterranean nature. Our hotels will be a perfect hub for that.


A picturesque fishing town with more than 2,000 years of rich historical heritage, Vrsar is a place of unique, serene beauty recognised by those seeking to relax on its clean coast, as well as those seeking excitement along its biking and hiking trails.


Zagreb is a Central European city known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and modern lifestyle; a city whose unique story fascinates its visitors.


Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, encircled by medieval walls and towers, the town is surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and is the most popular tourist destination in Croatia, the tourist star of the region.


Istria is a unique destination full of breathtaking, green, and hilly landscapes with numerous vineyards, olive groves and soil which hides the famous Istrian truffles. A beautiful, indented coastline with crystal-clear water and scenic medieval towns that make the inland as charming as its coast.


Croatia is a European oasis of cultural and natural diversity.

Experiences to remember

Choose one of our offers in Croatia and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Adris RC44 Cup

In order to position Rovinj and Croatia as a top nautical and sports destination, Adris Group has three times sponsored one of the world's most attractive sailing competitions - the RC44 Cup, which brings the world's sailing elite to Croatia every year.

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Red Bull Air Race

For several years, Rovinj hosted the world motorsport spectacle - the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, thus joining other attractive hosts of this event such as Abu Dhabi, Japan and Las Vegas.

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Rovinj Beach Polo Cup

Rovinj Beach Polo Cup is an international beach polo tournament, the first and only such event organized in this part of the world that has existed since 2016 and which brings together every year the international elite of this sport.

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Discover new experiences

Choose one of our deals in Croatia and enjoy a relaxing holiday

A holiday in Dubrovnik with fun day trips

Join us as we run through the most intriguing locations, then book your stay in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik from Mount Srđ: A trip with the most beautiful view

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Climb Mount Srđ and see why

A paradise for celebrities: Dubrovnik’s Book of Visitors
Art and Culture

The city of Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination for countless Hollywood actors, singers, athletes, fashion icons and royalty.

A visit to Lim Bay by boat is a hidden gem of Istria!

See the beauty of the Istrian coast on a boat trip to the unique Lim Bay, where you’ll enjoy stunning nature, spectacular views, and freshly prepared sea specialities. Book a cruise of Lim Bay with swimming, snacks, a glass of wine and an authentic lunch included in the price.

An oasis of calm in a magical forest

Visit Golden Cape forest park. Also known as Punta Corrente, the Golden Cape is one of the most significant nature parks in northeast Adriatic. Only a 15-minute walk from the centre of Rovinj and spreading over an area of 52 hectares, the forest park hides a world of unbelievable diversity, numerous plant species and deep shade that provides cool shelter during long summer days.

Book a yacht for an unforgettable day at sea

Swimming at secluded beaches of the Rovinj archipelago, sailing to Lim Bay, a day trip to the Brijuni Islands on a 24-metre yacht... Regardless of what your ideal day at sea looks like, contact the concierge with confidence who will help you choose the perfect yacht

Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik City Walls are considered one of the largest and the best-preserved medieval fortification systems. The city walls of Dubrovnik that surround the old city centre were built as a defence system. Today, they are one of the most popular attractions in Dubrovnik, as well as the best-known Dubrovnik monument protected by UNESCO

Dubrovnik Legends: St Blaise
Art and Culture

The Festivity of St Blaise is the most important event for the city of Dubrovnik and its residents. It is the day of celebration and appreciation of the patron saint who, according to legend, appeared during the invasion of the Venetians and helped the folk of Dubrovnik defend their city. The festivity includes a series of events, the most prominent of which is the procession carrying the relics of St Blaise through the city while the people touch them with reverence. The Festivity of St Blaise was pronounced intangible world heritage by UNESCO, which, together with the city walls, put Dubrovnik on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Enhance the present.  Travel into the history of Istria

Istria is much more than the home of the white truffle, blue sea and the greenest olive oil in the world. It is also the place of numerous historical sites, monuments from classical antiquity, medieval towns and many other testaments of a rich history thousands of years long. Explore them accompanied by professional local guides.

Experience the art of truffle hunting

In the central part of the Istrian peninsula, right below the medieval town of Motovun, lies the Mirna river valley, surrounded by the forest of Motovun. Deep in the ground of this forest, there’s a hidden treasure – the Istrian truffle! Would you like to find it?

Find your favourite beach in Dubrovnik

This southernmost city in Croatia is famous not only for its many monuments, its rich tradition and cultural heritage but also for its amazing beaches and crystal-clear sea that leaves an unforgettable impression on every visitor

Fine dining – an experience to indulge in!
Food and drink

Reborn. The word encapsulates the feeling we would like you to take as a souvenir from Istria. A reborn mind and body, on a holiday full of different experiences. One of the experiences that guarantee the ultimate thrill of the Istrian lifestyle is fine dining. Get comfortable and explore the innovative Istrian cuisine at restaurants such as Cap Aureo, Tekka by Lone, Wine Vault, French-inspired Adriatic, Agli Amici and others.

Have you heard about one of the most unusual collections in the whole world?

A very special museum – the Museum of Broken Relationships What is special about this popular Zagreb attraction is the fact that the exhibits are anonymous donations provided by disappointed lovers from all over the world. The story dates back to 1973... Head over heels in love, Vlado made a box out of matches when he was in the military, and engraved his name, the name of his beloved wife Jelka and the date of their wedding onto it. Unfortunately, the love didn’t last. After 25 years of married life, the two of them divorced. Jelka decided to surprise her ex-husband for their would-be silver wedding anniversary and sent him half a cake decorated with the number 25. Their sons ate the first half of the cake with her and the other half with their surprised father and his new wife. All that was left were memories, a broken heart and the small box…

If you want to get to know Istria, try its wines
Food and drink

Did you know that Istria has many small wineries that have won numerous awards on the global level? They are boutique wineries that make thousands of bottles of top-quality wines in the unique terroir, available only in Croatia. Start exploring the wine roads of northwest Istria and enjoy the selected wines from awarded wineries Kozlović, Benvenuti, Matošević and Kabola.

Medvednica Nature Park – the perfect day-trip destination on Zagreb’s doorstep

Enjoy the luxuriant nature in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb. Visit Medvednica Nature Park and get to know its beauties. As nature awakens in spring, the wish to spend more time outdoors grows. Many of you must be thinking about where to spend your next active weekend. We suggest Medvednica Nature Park. Enjoy the luxuriant nature in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb. The nature park spreads over an area of 17,938 ha across Mount Medvednica, on Zagreb’s doorstep. The beauty of this place and the vicinity of the capital make the nature park a popular Croatian day-trip destination.

One-day trips from Zagreb

Zagreb offers an array of interesting destinations – set off and see the capital’s surrounding area There are many unique locations surrounding the city of Zagreb, such as Mount Medvednica, the stunning Plitvice National Park and Trakošćan Castle. Set off on a day trip from Zagreb. You love the city, but you’d also like to get to know the surrounding area? No worries, just ask the friendly hotel staff for more information who’ll be more than happy to share their tips on what to visit, where and when. There are many unique locations surrounding the city of Zagreb, such as Mount Medvednica, the stunning Plitvice National Park and Trakošćan Castle.

Secluded Rovinj beaches

If this is your first visit to Rovinj, get ready, because we have a feeling it might knock you off your feet. Apart from the old town centre, the Church of St Euphemia, the elegant hotels and the Lungomare Plaza Promenade, Rovinj’s incredible beaches will leave you breathless. There are many of them and you can’t go wrong whichever one you choose. However, a little effort is necessary to reach some of the beaches, but it’s worth it to grab your own unique piece of paradise on Earth. Book a speedboat with an experienced local skipper and discover the most popular secluded beaches in Rovinj. It will be worth your while

The Adriatic for the Adriatic

Did you know that around 12 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea every year? Join our initiative.

The most beautiful parks of Zagreb

Enjoy an oasis of calm and solitude in one of the many parks in Zagreb. According to the latest official data, the capital of Croatia boasts 33 tended parks, spreading over more than 400,000 square metres. Can you guess how many parks there are in Zagreb and their total area? In almost every corner of this city, there’s a secluded oasis of greenery and calm, where you can sneak into on hot summer days or where you can take a relaxing walk on a romantic evening. If we must present only the most memorable parks of Zagreb, the list includes these five. Let’s take it from the top! According to the latest official data, the capital of Croatia boasts 33 tended parks, spreading over more than 400,000 square metres. If one were to count all the green areas in this city, the number would be much higher, as Zagreb is often referred to as the Green City.

The perfect place for an idyllic Mediterranean holiday
Art and Culture

In the summertime, Dubrovnik and the entire Dubrovnik Riviera, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on our coast, and with good reason

The streets of Dubrovnik: Tradition and culture inside the city walls

As “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, the city of Dubrovnik attracts many tourists who enjoy the many cultural and historical monuments, as well as the authentic gastronomy and a host of things to see and do in the beautiful surroundings that create a magical ambience in any season.

The Zagreb Observatory – a place with the most beautiful view of the sky and the stars above Zagreb

Visit the Zagreb Observatory in the Upper Town. If you’re interested in stargazing, make sure to visit a very special place in Zagreb – the Zagreb Observatory in the Upper Town, at the top of Opatička Street, in the Priest’s Tower. According to legend, the goddess Hera sent a giant crab to distract Hercules in his fight against the nine-headed snake Hydra. The crab pinched Hercules on the heel, but he managed to crush it and kill the Hydra. In a fit of anger, Hera sent the crab into the skies forever more. This is believed to be the genesis of the Cancer constellation. It is known for the pale light of its stars. Why is that? The cancer is ashamed of his defeat and he’s trying to hide from view… Even though this is just a myth, the story is pretty interesting. Cancer is one of 13 Zodiac constellations – a part of the visible sky where the Sun, the Moon and most of the planets of the Solar System seem to move. And what are constellations? According to the definition, constellations are imaginary shapes in the sky, groups of stars linked to one another by imaginary lines.

Traditional Dubrovnik jig called Linđo
Art and Culture

The most popular dance of Dubrovnik The linđo dance is a special type of intangible cultural heritage of Dubrovnik, characterised by a string instrument called lijerica and dancing in pairs to entertaining jigs.

Welcome to Istria – the region of the finest olives
Food and drink

Olive oil in Istria is always regarded with a deep feeling of reverence and an understanding that the finest olive oil could not be produced here without the interplay of the microclimate, soil quality, care and attention, and a thousand-year-old tradition. For an authentic experience, taste the best Istrian olive oils in taverns owned by famous oil makers, who will tell you all about the rules of pairing different varieties of olive oil with well-known delicacies