Maistra City Vibes are urban hotels in Zagreb

Maistra City Vibes are urban hotels in the centre of Zagreb, designed to offer guests a contemporary experience of connection with people and the city.

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Maistra City Vibes hotels are your first contact with the city and the starting point for all kinds of events, plans or trips. The place where new opportunities are born every morning and successes celebrated every night.

Maistra City Vibes
Maistra City Vibes

Each of the Maistra City Vibes hotels lives and breathes a contemporary urban spirit that invites you to explore what the city, and you yourself, have to offer.

Maistra City Vibes
Maistra City Vibes
Maistra City Vibes
A lively buzz and a place to connect

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Feel Reborn
Conferences & Events
A private, modern room for an important business meeting or a spacious meeting room inspired by the sun for a popular conference? Whatever you want. Business events are dynamic, which is why we stay flexible. International and Zonar Zagreb hotels are a fantastic backdrop for urban events and conferences.
Restaurants & Bars
The increasingly dynamic lifestyle motivates us to watch what and how we eat. Luckily, the concept of restaurants and bars in the Maistra City Vibes group is based on understanding the urban way of life. A luxurious lunch after training? A healthy snack between meetings? Or a long business dinner? Our menus are optimised to follow the pace of your holiday.
Experience the city
Maistra City Vibes hotels will offer you a real modern city experience and inspire you to explore hidden gems, hot spots and landmarks of the city. Ideal for your new city adventure.
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Would you like to try something completely different? Let us introduce you to the services and experiences we offer and help you choose the ones best suited to your personality!


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