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Maistra Collection is a collection of unique luxury and premium hotels in breathtaking locations

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Hotels in this collection provide each guest with a rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit through an artistic or classic luxury experience, along with first-rate service and gourmet offer.

Maistra Collection
Maistra Collection

Regale all your senses in our luxury hotels with a unique service: a superb spa experience, exquisite, delicious food, and authentic local experiences guarantee an unforgettable holiday.

Maistra Collection
Maistra Collection
Maistra Collection
Superior experience and comfort
Unique architectural style and facilities

Maistra sets high standards among hospitality service providers in the region, with a range of intriguing hotels marked by modern design blending perfectly into the natural environment. The year 2019 was marked by another major milestone – the opening of our most luxurious hotel, the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, the flagship of the Maistra Collection segment. Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and the Virtuoso association, joining the ranks of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Some of the best architects and designers, both in Croatia and worldwide, have been hired to leave their mark on this project – including the award-winning 3LHD studio, as well as Lissoni Architecture, the Milan studio of Piero Lissoni, one of the world’s most respected and renowned designers and the mind behind the hotel’s interior design.

Ideal micro-location

The opening of the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj marked the successful completion of the Monte Mulini area building project, one of the most luxurious tourist areas in the Adriatic. The area, located near the old town of Rovinj, includes the following Maistra Collection hotels – Grand Park, the most luxurious hotel on the Adriatic, which is also a part of the LHW Group; Monte Mulini, also part of the LHW group; Lone, the first Croatian design hotel, opened in 2011, and the recently renovated Hotel Eden. The Monte Mulini beach and promenade, both renovated in 2014, are also close at hand.

Paradise for food lovers

Our love for delicious foods is a heritage of Istria, our home region known for its abundance of some of the most exquisite flavours and aromas that can be found in nature or grown by local farmers. Our restaurants, bistros, and bars can be found in unique locations, serving sophisticated dishes and beverages to delight all the senses. Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant, located in the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, brings a superb experience inspired by the scents and flavours of the bountiful Mediterranean park. The Wine Vault Restaurant, in addition to excellent food, also boasts an impressive wine list with more than 320 wines from Croatia and all parts of the world. Located on the central town square in Rovinj’s 100-year-old Hotel Adriatic, Brasserie Adriatic serves delectable dishes inspired by the French Riviera, made using fresh local produce.

Time to relax

Rejuvenation of the mind and body is only possible once we are completely calm, relaxed, and ready to enjoy exquisite, luxury experiences in a pleasant ambience, with the scents of medicinal seaweed and Mediterranean herbs. Maistra’s Spa centres lean into the Mediterranean interior design style, and with attention paid to even the most minute of details, they are the most modern place to lay back and enjoy professional beauty treatments. Discover the secrets of Istrian wellness at the Albaro Wellness & Spa, part of the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, with saunas, swimming pools, and sunbathing areas stretching over an area of 3800 m2. Hotel Lone Wellness & Spa is the place to be for everyone looking to recharge their batteries, featuring the newest cosmetic and technologically advanced luxury treatments. On the other hand, Hotel Monte Mulini’s Wellness Centre is a real Mediterranean oasis dedicated to rest and relaxation and bringing together the authentic feel of rock, water, wood, and gold.

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Hotels in this collection provide each guest with a rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit through an artistic or classic luxury experience, along with first-rate service and gourmet offer.

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Relax in our luxury hotels featuring an unparalleled level of service: unique spa experiences, exquisite fine dining, and other authentic experiences promising an unforgettable holiday.

Feel Reborn
Lungomare Plaza

When the Grand Park Hotel opened, Rovinj got its first shopping promenade with an exclusive offer of fashion, art, furniture, niche perfumeries, jewellery, fashion accessories, magazines, and gadgets produced by renowned international and Croatian cult brands. In 2021, the fashion house Chanel chose Lungomare Plaza as its host for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the perfume icon N°5.


Taste dishes characteristic of different cuisines as interpreted by our talented chefs. The selection of dishes in restaurants has been specially designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates, with a long list of wines to perfectly complement and redefine the experience of fine dining in Rovinj.


The Maistra Collection spa centres put a premium on modern, tasteful style and design, with particular attention paid to fine details, all in the service of complete relaxation and revitalising cosmetic treatments.


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