Renew your body, mind, and spirit

Selected hotels and resorts in the most beautiful seafront locations: Rovinj, Vrsar, and Dubrovnik

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Maistra Select is a unique collection of hotels that provide unforgettable experiences in the most beautiful seafront locations.

Maistra Select
Maistra Select

From the Istrian peninsula all the way to the shores of the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, the sea is a common element that connects this family of hotels. Its power and crystal-clear azure depths invite you to dive in and experience a sense of peace and relaxation, recuperating your depleted energy and awakening your spirit.

Maistra Select
Maistra Select
Maistra Select
Renew and refresh your body, mind, and spirit

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You will love our Maistra Select properties and their wealth of activities, amenities, and new stimulating experiences, all seamlessly blended with the local community, which will renew and refresh your body, mind and spirit.

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Let the adventure begin! Our selection of activities, carefully designed for you and your family, inspires and reveals hidden natural and cultural gems and authentic local flavours.

Feel Reborn

Let yourself be inspired by the various sports we offer in our properties in Rovinj and Vrsar. You can always find an activity to keep you occupied if you want to stay in shape or just have some fun. Our unforgettable holiday programmes offer, among other things, playgrounds, many different sports activities for all ages, and a specially designed animation programme.


Relax and unwind in the unique environments of Maistra Select Wellness & Spa Centres. Enjoy a massage, a beauty treatment, or simply relax in the amazing world of saunas.

Out & About
Out & About

Let us introduce you to the activities and experiences we offer in hotels and properties in Istria within the Maistra Select portfolio!