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Dubrovnik Legends: St Blaise

Dubrovnik Legends: St Blaise

The Festivity of St Blaise is the most important event for the city of Dubrovnik and its residents. It is the day of celebration and appreciation of the patron saint who, according to legend, appeared during the invasion of the Venetians and helped the folk of Dubrovnik defend their city. The festivity includes a series of events, the most prominent of which is the procession carrying the relics of St Blaise through the city while the people touch them with reverence. The Festivity of St Blaise was pronounced intangible world heritage by UNESCO, which, together with the city walls, put Dubrovnik on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

More about the legend

In 972, the Venetian fleet entered the waters of Dubrovnik and, despite their friendly manner, intended to conquer Dubrovnik by deception. The folk of Dubrovnik received help from a grey-haired old man carrying a staff in his hand who was sent from the heavens to warn them and defend the city. Since then, St Blaise has been the patron saint of Dubrovnik and the theme of many cultural monuments, artworks and pieces of literature.

The holiday of all residents

Since the very first celebrations of St Blaise, the residents of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area have meticulously prepared for this unique event. All the residents took part in the festivities, in the centre of the city or in their own homes. The Republic of Ragusa introduced the “Freedom of St Blaise”, a period in which prisoners and criminals had the right to visit the city two days before the festivity and two days after it without being questioned. The festivity included numerous traditional events, prayers and processions, some of which take place even today, featuring some adjustments of the modern age.

The Trombunjeri of Dubrovnik

A procession led by trombunjeri carrying short, broad rifles called trombuni is a distinguished event of the St Blaise festivity. The festivity commences by firing gun salutes at the western entrance to the city since the trombunjeri never fire their rifles inside the city walls. The traditional military unit consists of honoured citizens, who are very proud to be a part of this unique event. Their special garments and the traditional costumes of the Dubrovnik region spark the interest of many culture scholars and enthusiasts from all over the world.

After the mass and the procession, St Blaise’s banner is taken down from Orlando’s Column, which signifies the end of the festivity. This unique manifestation symbolises the end of the festive season that lasts from Christmas. It is the time when all the street Christmas decorations are taken down. The residents of Dubrovnik traditionally look forward to and prepare for this festivity and hotels in Dubrovnik welcome guests who come from far and wide to participate in the celebration. The special ambience and the spirit of the city are a unique invitation for all those looking for a break at this time of year.

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Hotels in Mlini and Srebreno for a comfortable stay

Hotel Mlini and Hotel Astarea are situated in the charming village of Mlini near Dubrovnik, where you can book a comfortable stay with a diverse gastronomic and spa and wellness offer. The Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel is a unique spa oasis where you can relax to the fullest after sightseeing in Dubrovnik. By booking your stay at our hotels in the Dubrovnik Riviera, you are choosing a unique natural ambience where you can relax regardless of the season. No matter whether you’re spending your holiday alone, or with your family or friends, these hotels offer everything you might need.

Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Astarea

Situated in a one-of-a-kind location in a quiet bay in the small town of Mlini, only 10 kilometres from Dubrovnik, Hotel Astarea offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday. All rooms have sea views and views of the Mediterranean vegetation. Two outdoor pools are located next to the sandy beach, the indoor pool is filled with seawater, and guests are free to use the wellness centre and gym.

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Hotel Mlini

Hotel Mlini is located just above the beach and promenade, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting view of the sea throughout your stay. The Hotel, located in the heart of the town of Mlini, is an oasis of peace and relaxation in an ideal location near Dubrovnik. Directly on the beach, you will find the bistro and restaurant Oleander for culinary adventures while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and islands.

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