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Find your favourite beach in Dubrovnik

Find your favourite beach in Dubrovnik

This southernmost city in Croatia is famous not only for its many monuments, its rich tradition and cultural heritage but also for its amazing beaches and crystal-clear sea that leaves an unforgettable impression on every visitor

This southernmost city in Croatia is famous not only for its many monuments, its rich tradition and cultural heritage but also for its amazing beaches and crystal-clear sea that leaves an unforgettable impression on every visitor. If you’re planning on booking your stay in Dubrovnik, choose from a number of amazing beaches to relax on during your holiday.

Banje Beach. The most popular beach in Dubrovnik, located in the immediate vicinity of the old city centre and featuring the view of the city walls, the island of Lokrum and the vastness of the sea, is a perfect choice for all those who love special places and beaches in unique surroundings. For a fun day at the beach, you can rent a pedal boat pr jet ski or try one of the many water sports on offer. Alongside a plethora of fun amenities, the restaurants and bars offering refreshing drinks and gastronomic specialities will complete a relaxing day on the beach.

Copacabana Beach. The area of Babin Kuk on the Lapad peninsula is the home of Copacabana Beach featuring a beautiful vista of the unique Dubrovnik suspension bridge. With a range of amenities, water sports and activities, this beach is perfect for families with young children who can play in the shoal. Refreshing drinks and tasty snacks are also a part of the offer, so you don’t have to leave the beach to find refreshments.

Lapad Bay Beach. A charming promenade alongside a series of restaurants and bars where you can stop for a coffee or other refreshments will take you to Lapad Bay, consisting of many small beaches, from pebbly to stone ones. Here you can enjoy nature, the crystal-clear sea and the view of carracks cruising towards the horizon.

Šunj Beach on the island of Lopud. If you’re looking for a sandy beach where you can play the legendary local ball game of picigin and relax in the warm sea, Šunj Beach is a perfect choice. The island of Lopud can be reached by a short catamaran ride from Gruž harbour. When you arrive on the island, the beach on the southeast of the island can be accessed through a pine forest. This popular beach features an extensive offer of amenities and is ideal for all those who love dynamic surroundings.

Rocky beach on the island of Lokrum. However, if you’re more into flat rocks, secluded places and deep refreshing sea, the rocky beach on the island of Lokrum is all you need. The beach can be accessed by boat from the old city centre. Lokrum has the status of a nature reserve, so you might see peacocks strolling around parading their feathers, which adds to the special ambience.

Mlini beaches. The picturesque village of Mlini situated in the surrounding area of Dubrovnik features beautiful beaches with crystal-clear sea and the fragrance of Mediterranean greenery. If you’re looking for some peace and relaxation, book a hotel in Mlini and enjoy the beautiful coves and beaches.

Have you found your favourite beach in Dubrovnik? Which one sounds the most inviting, the pebbly, stone or sandy beach? Are you spending your holiday with friends or family? Find a beach to suit all your wishes – whichever one of these beaches you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Astarea

Situated in a one-of-a-kind location in a quiet bay in the small town of Mlini, only 10 kilometres from Dubrovnik, Hotel Astarea offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday. All rooms have sea views and views of the Mediterranean vegetation. Two outdoor pools are located next to the sandy beach, the indoor pool is filled with seawater, and guests are free to use the wellness centre and gym.

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Hotel Mlini

Hotel Mlini is located just above the beach and promenade, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting view of the sea throughout your stay. The Hotel, located in the heart of the town of Mlini, is an oasis of peace and relaxation in an ideal location near Dubrovnik. Directly on the beach, you will find the bistro and restaurant Oleander for culinary adventures while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and islands.

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