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Medvednica Nature Park – the perfect day-trip destination on Zagreb’s doorstep

Medvednica Nature Park – the perfect day-trip destination on Zagreb’s doorstep

Enjoy the luxuriant nature in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb. Visit Medvednica Nature Park and get to know its beauties. As nature awakens in spring, the wish to spend more time outdoors grows. Many of you must be thinking about where to spend your next active weekend. We suggest Medvednica Nature Park. Enjoy the luxuriant nature in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb. The nature park spreads over an area of 17,938 ha across Mount Medvednica, on Zagreb’s doorstep. The beauty of this place and the vicinity of the capital make the nature park a popular Croatian day-trip destination.



Medvedgrad is a medieval town in the southern part of Mount Medvednica. It was built in 1254 after a Tatar invasion to protect the citizens, the bishop and the church treasury. In 1590, it was abandoned after the fortress had been damaged by a strong earthquake.

Under its southern tower, a monument called the Homeland Altar was built in 1994 to honour Croatian heroes. Medvedgrad is a venue where many cultural manifestations take place, such as the Medieval Days, Medvedgrad Music Evenings and many others.

The Veternica Cave

Veternica is the sixth largest cave in Croatia. It consists of seven kilometres of branching canals. A guided tour of the cave includes oval erosion forms made by water vortexes, a cave bear’s jaw, fossil mud, the Stone Waterfall, the Wishing Well in the Concert Hall, the fossils of ancient shells and sea urchins, among other things.

The cave was protected as a geomorphological nature monument in 1979.

The Zrinski Mine

The Zrinski Mine is located in the area called Miner’s Garden, which used to be a spot for mining precious metals. The mine was opened in the 16th century with the discovery of galena. However, production was abolished in the 17th century and the Zrinski family closed the mine. In 2004, it was refurbished and adapted for sightseeing tours and, in 2006, it was registered as a protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Hiking trails

Mount Medvednica features 72 marked and tended hiking trails. The trails differ in length and difficulty, so you can choose from a large variety and pick the one that matches your physical shape and the time at hand perfectly.

Cycling trails

Cycling enthusiasts can choose from eight circular trails and one transversal that links them all. All the trails are marked and tended, featuring QR codes.

Educational trails

There are five tended educational trails on Mount Medvednica: Bliznec forest trail, Miroslavec geological educational trail, 500 Stairs of Horvat, Bistra educational trail, and the saltwater stream. The trails feature educational boards where visitors can learn all about the natural, historical and other monuments.

Mount Medvednica offers restaurants and bars serving traditional dishes and refreshing beverages.


Medvednica Nature Park is situated in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb. If you want both an active holiday in nature and a slice of urban life, visiting Zagreb and Medvednica is the perfect combination.

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