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The most beautiful parks of Zagreb

The most beautiful parks of Zagreb

Enjoy an oasis of calm and solitude in one of the many parks in Zagreb. According to the latest official data, the capital of Croatia boasts 33 tended parks, spreading over more than 400,000 square metres. Can you guess how many parks there are in Zagreb and their total area? In almost every corner of this city, there’s a secluded oasis of greenery and calm, where you can sneak into on hot summer days or where you can take a relaxing walk on a romantic evening. If we must present only the most memorable parks of Zagreb, the list includes these five. Let’s take it from the top! According to the latest official data, the capital of Croatia boasts 33 tended parks, spreading over more than 400,000 square metres. If one were to count all the green areas in this city, the number would be much higher, as Zagreb is often referred to as the Green City.

The Parks of Zagreb – the most beautiful oases of calm and the lungs of the city

If you want to get away from the hustle of the city and take a break on a bench or a blanket, surrounded by greenery and nature, visit a Zagreb park. Take your pick from a wide range of options – the capital of Croatia features more than 30 parks, spreading over more than 400,000 square metres, alongside many other green areas where you can rest your mind and body. If one were to count all the green areas in this city, the number would be much higher, as Zagreb is often referred to as the Green City. Except for the positive impact on your health, taking a walk in the parks of Zagreb will bring you a sense of calm that we often overlook. Is there anything better than a small green paradise where you can have your me time?

Zagreb offers venues perfect for such a green escape at various locations. Here are some of the most beautiful and the most popular.

Parks in the centre of Zagreb

The best-known park in the centre of Zagreb is Lenuzzi’s Horseshoe, consisting of a complex of parks and squares. The first one is the city’s oldest park, Zrinjevac. It is known as one of the most beautiful parks in the heart of Zagreb, famous for its plane trees, fountains, a musical pavilion that hosts many concerts and dances, a meteorological column, and busts of famous Croats. Right next to Zrinjevac Park is Strossmayer Square featuring a park of the same name, where you can find a statue of Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer. Moving on in the direction of the bishop’s back, you’ll reach King Tomislav Square, which includes a spacious park called Tomislavac. This park ranks high among the capital’s residents. It is beautifully landscaped, teeming with greenery and benches perfect for relaxation or picnics and offering an oasis for a break in the middle of the city. In the winter, the park turns into a fairy-tale on ice, featuring the largest outdoor skating rink. On summer days, it is perfect for enjoying nature. The benches and pathways surrounded by flowers and decorative shrubbery attract many tourists, especially those who stay at the nearby Sheraton Zagreb Hotel.

Not far from here, you’ll find the main symbol of Zagreb and the most beautiful park by popular vote – Zrinjevac. The musical pavilion is a venue hosting numerous cultural, musical and entertainment events, dance nights and concerts. Generations meet and greet under the leafy treetops of old plane trees in this memorable park. The main attraction for many visitors is the meteorological column, established in 1884, which is still wound manually.

Once fish ponds, today a beautiful park

A charming boutique hotel, Jadran is situated not far from here, on Vlaška Street. Since all the important monuments, such as the cathedral, the central Zagreb square and other tourist attractions, are in the immediate vicinity, the hotel is an ideal starting point for exploring Zagreb’s artistic and cultural heritage, as well as its magnificent architecture.

Moving northwards, in the direction of the central Zagreb square and turning into Vlaška Street, you will reach an impressive park – Ribnjak.

Adjacent to the walls protecting the cathedral, this park is a perfect place to break from the city hustle and the heat, as there are many benches and large green areas, ideal for picnics and outdoor meetups. It was named after the fish ponds that used to be here until the 19th century. Then it was transformed into a wonderful park with many sculptures and a fountain. During the summer, the park hosts many musical events that are an integral part of Zagreb’s exciting nightlife.

Discover the magical world of plants at the Botanical Gardens

Do you know where in Zagreb you can see more than 10,000 plant species? The answer is: on Marko Marulić Square, near the central railway station, at the Botanical Gardens.

This place is a paradise for all nature enthusiasts. Here you can learn all about plants and how they are grown, explore the greenhouses and plants from all over the world, or just take a walk through the magical park in this cultural monument protected by law, ease into the calm and the soft hum of birds.

Maksimir Park – among the most beautiful parks in Europe

The last park on the list is Maksimir Park, one of the best-known parks in Zagreb. This forest park is named after Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac and also features the city zoo. The forest park was landscaped in the 18th century and has retained its appearance to this day. It spreads across an area of 316 ha and includes five lakes, several streams, pavilions and numerous meadows.

It is a habitat for more than a hundred bird species, countless animals and plants and serves as a favourite destination to all those who want to spend some quality time in nature, take a walk, rollerblade, paddle or run because of its lush vegetation and many trails. After all, there’s a reason why it was included among the most beautiful parks in Europe!

Hopefully, we’ve made it easier for you to decide which park to visit. When you need a rest after all the outdoor activities, you can stay at The Westin Zagreb hotel, where all the parks will be within easy reach, as the hotel is situated in the centre of the city, right next to Mimara Museum. Spacious rooms, luxurious suites with incredible views of the city, a beautifully decorated interior, a unique gastronomic story and a lounge bar with a summer terrace guarantee a holiday of your dreams.

Sightseeing strolls around Zagreb will inspire you. And just when you start feeling tired, the tranquillity of the city’s parks will invite you to take a break underneath their lush canopy…

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