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The perfect place for an idyllic Mediterranean holiday

The perfect place for an idyllic Mediterranean holiday

In the summertime, Dubrovnik and the entire Dubrovnik Riviera, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on our coast, and with good reason

In the summertime, Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations on our coast, together with the entire Dubrovnik Riviera, consisting of small coastal towns with beautiful beaches, crystal-clear sea, lush Mediterranean vegetation and friendly locals.

With all that it offers, it is no wonder that the Dubrovnik Riviera is our No 1 holiday destination. One of the most charming places to stay is the village of Mlini, situated only ten kilometres south of Dubrovnik city centre, right by the sea. The village boasts a rich tradition and historical and cultural heritage dating all the way back to antiquity.

Tranquillity and Nature’s Bounty

Pebbly beaches, plenty of sunshine and lush vegetation that has been nurtured over the course of history add to the charm of this special place. The famous nobility of Dubrovnik would take carriage rides to the Mlini countryside to enjoy the tranquillity and nature’s bounty.

The perfect climate contributed to the creation of lush Mediterranean gardens with native herbs and plants, which make up a unique ecosystem. The equally extensive gastronomic offer includes specialities prepared according to traditional recipes.

A small square with centuries-old plane trees and the fragrance of luxuriant Mediterranean greenery creates an atmosphere that washes everyday worries away, where you will finally relax with panoramic views of the sea and one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Monuments and Legends

The entire village was an important place in the culture of ancient antiquity. Today it is teeming with ancient monuments from the times when it was well-known for its mills, powered by the Zavrelje stream, which still flows through the village and provides many sources of drinking water. It is this abundance of drinking water that gave Mlini an important role in Dubrovnik’s history, supplying the city with water during the summer droughts. The stream can still be seen today, bubbling in front of a local hotel.

Apart from the gardens and monuments, Mlini boasts many legends: the best known is the legend of St Hilarion. As the tale goes, Hilarion fought a dragon and set it on fire on the shores of Mlini, thus saving the town of Epidaurum, nowadays known as Cavtat, from earthquakes, evil and barbarian invasions. In his honour, the residents of Mlini pronounced him their saviour and built the Church of St Hilarion, mentioned in the Statute of Dubrovnik of 1272. This ancient church, together with its surrounding cemetery, “known since the dawn of time, is older than the documents that describe it. The ancient local chronicles mention it in 1164”. Over the centuries, it has been continually torn down and restored, but it is still standing in its place to this day.

An unforgettable holiday in newly refurbished hotels

This oasis on the Dubrovnik Riviera is a favourite among tourists, who cannot wait for the beginning of the new season to relax far away from everyday life in newly refurbished hotels and villas that combine tradition and modern design. The properties are fully equipped to ensure an unforgettable stay with a host of activities that will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Hotels in Dubrovnik

Hotel Astarea

Situated in a one-of-a-kind location in a quiet bay in the small town of Mlini, only 10 kilometres from Dubrovnik, Hotel Astarea offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday. All rooms have sea views and views of the Mediterranean vegetation. Two outdoor pools are located next to the sandy beach, the indoor pool is filled with seawater, and guests are free to use the wellness centre and gym.

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Hotel Mlini

Hotel Mlini is located just above the beach and promenade, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting view of the sea throughout your stay. The Hotel, located in the heart of the town of Mlini, is an oasis of peace and relaxation in an ideal location near Dubrovnik. Directly on the beach, you will find the bistro and restaurant Oleander for culinary adventures while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and islands.

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