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Hotel Astarea
Restaurants & Bars

Every dish is prepared with carefully selected, fresh ingredients, which allow you to feel the fullness of flavour. Indulge in the unique flavours of local and international cuisine. If you can’t wait to get back to swimming and sunbathing, we have plenty of fast food options such as pizza, salads and healthy and delicious sandwiches. We will prepare these dishes for you in no time, allowing you to get back to doing what you love most. Explore the local heritage with tasty and delicious dishes prepared by our creative chef. Fresh, seasonal ingredients in irresistible combinations! Bon appétit!

Astarea Restaurant

The main restaurant of Hotel Astarea offers a wide selection of breakfast and dinner dishes, an excellent wine list and beautiful views of the open sea and the islands Mrkan and Bobara.

Wake up to the morning scents of an extensive breakfast buffet and choose from a variety of freshly prepared homemade delicacies.

During the evening, the restaurant transforms into an elegant venue where you can enjoy an extensive Mediterranean buffet.

  • 1/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 2/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 3/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 4/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 5/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 6/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 7/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 8/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 9/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 10/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 11/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 12/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 13/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 14/14 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

Astarea Tavern

A blend of traditional and Mediterranean cuisine

Traditional cuisine

Wide variety of fish and meat dishes

Air-conditioned interior and spacious terrace

  • 1/2 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 2/2 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

Bistro & Restaurant Oleander

Located on a beautiful pebble beach

Dishes made of fresh ingredients according to traditional recipes

Variety of Italian dishes: pasta, pizza, delicious small snacks A perfect place to enjoy a light lunch or cocktails

  • 1/3 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 2/3 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

  • 3/3 - Hotel Astarea
    Restaurants & Bars

Piano Bar

Unique view of the bay from a spacious terrace

Large selection of drinks and cocktails

Wide selection of desserts, fruits and sandwiches

Perfect place to relax and have a short break

Pizzeria Mlini

Fast and healthy food

Tasty snacks, sandwiches and pizzas

Beautiful terrace with a panoramic sea view


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