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Monte Mulini facilities use the healing properties of Mediterranean plant and marine-based essences to give you peace of mind, body and soul. Art Wellness is our lifestyle brand envisaged as a fusion of Mediterranean ambiance, art and design. Enjoy our Spa & Wellness treatments at Hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj.

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Art Wellness Monte Mulini

The spacious wellness facility of the luxury Maistra Hotel Monte Mulini is an intimate space. Their offer of exclusive services and products promotes the idea of living in harmony with nature and is based on natural materials: wood, stone, water and gold.

Wellness space, with its visual experience of shades of gold and white, suggests ultimate relaxation, where the only imperative is to feel good. Three floors of the wellness centre are thematically divided into three zones: Beauty, Zen Spa and there is a connection to Lone Wellness & Spa Centre, embodying the art of healthy living based on motion, water and well-being.

The entire wellness offer is devoted to face and body care, different types of massages and beneficial baths. The wellness team includes professional wellness therapists, beauticians and physiotherapists, who have created special treatments and programmes that can be enjoyed only in Monte Mulini Art Wellness centre. The wellness treatments predominantly use local ingredients with eco-labels and top quality cosmetic products in combination with state of the art technology.

Basic characteristics of Monte Mulini Art Wellness centre are the preservation of tradition, highlighting the value of original quality, original treatments and luxury incorporated into the nature of the Mediterranean.

Opening hours: every day, 8 am to 9 pm.

Guests staying at Monte Mulini may use Lone Wellness & Spa Centre, which is connected to the Monte Mulini Art Wellness centre. The connection is designed as additional content for the Spa centre users and dress for the area is exclusively robes and fitness apparel. Lone Wellness & Spa Centre includes gyms, saunas, a whirlpool, a pool with special features, a relaxation zone and Vitality bar.

Wellness & Spa Amenities


A Finnish sauna with dry hot air heated to 90 ° C and a minimum humidity level. A Turkish bath heated to only 45 to 50 ° C, but with the highest humidity level, which in particular helps to open the airways.

Swimming pool

A smaller indoor relaxation pool heated to 28 ° C with counter-current swimming and hot spring effects.

Treatment rooms

Four rooms for massages, face and body treatments are decorated with water, stone, wood and gold themes. These elements are the backbone of the design and they also appear as ingredients in exclusively created treatments. All rooms offer an individual approach to each guest since it is possible to choose and adjust the colour of the light, the music and the temperature.

Relaxation room

Two separate relax rooms provide an intimate area and offer a place to enjoy chromo therapy and a pleasant preparation for wellness experiences, as well as a direct entrance into treatment rooms.

Royal bath - hydro-massage bath

A luxuriously designed hydro-massage bathtub can be found in a separate area where you can further relax with chromo therapy. You can choose between ten different programmes for hydro-massage and you can adjust the water temperature and the intensity of the massage.

Serail bath - private steam sauna

The serail bath is an intimate steam bath for one or two people where you can have your skin cleaned using a peeling with sea salt and essential oils from Mediterranean herbs in complete privacy.

Mediterranean garden

A recommended outdoor space where climatotherapy in the mild climate of Rovinj, drinks and pleasant ambient music, as well as relaxation as a respite between treatments.

Lone Wellness & Spa Centre

Guests of Maistra Spa Hotel Monte Mulini can use the Lone Wellness & Spa Centre facilities via the inner connection between them.

Swimming pool

An indoor swimming pool filled with fresh water that offers a view of nature and the protected Golden Cape Forest Park (Zlatni rt) and also has a seat with special hydro-massage effects.

Sunken rooms

Lone Wellness & Spa Centre redefines classic whirlpools by replacing them with two specially constructed and connected hydro-massage rooms. Sunken rooms offer the possibility of floating and relaxing in hydro-massage beds and chairs. Experience various healing effects of hydro-massage in the water temperature of 37 ° C in a unique atmosphere with dimmed lighting and a waterfall effect.


Guests can renew their body and spirit in a relaxing atmosphere of the saunas. For those looking for a sense of deep physical and mental relaxation, we recommend aroma steam saunas. Water steam is suitable for a body detox, revitalizing the airways and refreshing your skin.

Being in the Finnish sauna will beneficially affect the immune system and accelerate the degradation of harmful substances, while the aroma sauna and Turkish bath will dispel feelings of exhaustion, relax your muscles and inspire good mood.

Relax zone

At any time, relax in the superbly equipped Relax zone.


Fitness gym is equipped with modern equipment for cardio programmes and maintaining muscle tone. Professional trainers can, after an initial assessment, recommend an exercise programme based on your individual needs and goals.

Vitality bar

The Vitality bar is located within the Wellness & Spa Hotel Lone and its offerings are tailored to the specific requirements of wellness guests. The Vitality bar offers a selection of invigorating cold and hot beverages, various energy drinks and freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables.

Face Treatments

Luxury hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj, one of the most outstanding in Croatia, offers a variety of personalized treatments for women and men, because we all deserve treatments with the finest materials, such as caviar and gold, depending on the skin type.

You can choose from the natural care treatments of the indigenous Croatian brand Esensa Mediterana, the luxury treatments of the French brand Maria Galland and the U.S. brand Pevonia Botanica, based on the "go green" concept and organic products.

Facial care starts with an expert analysis of your skin and in agreement with you, we recommend the type of treatment and cosmetics that best suit the needs of your skin as well as your preferences. This expert analysis is followed by facial cleansing, peeling, a mask and cream appropriate for your face type. Treatments include a pleasant face and décolleté massage that will completely relax you.

Featured treatments:

  • Golden Luxury Face – Esensa Mediterana
    A luxurious regenerating face treatment with flakes of 24-carat colloidal gold. The treatment provides vitality, tightens the skin and gives it a natural glow.
  • Deep cleansing ocean
    An intensive natural treatment that includes all the steps of facial skin care, with an added deep mechanical cleansing of the skin. It includes a special mask based on algae and tea tree, which provides deep cleansing and regulates oil secretion in a natural way.
  • Mille radiance – Maria Galland
    An exclusive anti-age treatment ideal for demanding skin over 40 years of age. Reduces wrinkles significantly, regenerates, nourishes and repairs skin.
  • Modelling mask treatment – hydration – Maria Galland
    A relaxing skin hydration treatment that combines a deep effect, self-heating, and a hydration mineral mask that offers a spectacular lifting effect and resolves each individual skin problem.
  • Myoxy Caviar™ FACIAL – Pevonia Botanica
    A resplendent anti-age treatment that improves skin elasticity, supplies the skin with oxygen, and nourishes it abundantly. It reduces wrinkles and expression lines with a revolutionary combination of sea extracts combined in the innovative substance called escutox®.
  • Green tea facial – Pevonia Botanica
    A regenerating face treatment designed as care for particularly sensitive skin, based on green tea and chamomile. It also provides immediate relief from sunburn, soothes the skin, and restores its healthy glow.

Special Treats for Your Body

In the Art Beauty centre of the hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj, Croatia, art connects with vitality and modern spa treatments blend with ancient rituals and natural elements.

Whether you need to remove the tension in your muscles, nourish your skin, shape your body, stimulate circulation, or simply inspire your senses, you can achieve it here and enjoy it at the same time.

Treatments are maximally adapted to your needs, so in the treatment rooms you can choose the colour, temperature and music that suit you best.

Featured treatments:

  • Api hydration body treatment - Esensa Mediterana
    This natural nourishing treatment stimulates tissue drainage and the elimination of toxins from the body, leaving your skin smooth and nourished. Active substances like honey, Rosa moschata and vitamin E protect the skin, nourishing and soothing it after exposure to harmful UV radiation.
  • Istrian wine body rejuvenation - Esensa Mediterana
    This ritual for the body is intended to rejuvenate and stimulate your skin. With the aid of natural active ingredients with great antioxidant properties, this ritual perfectly reduces and slows down the effects of aging on your body.
  • Body exclusive nutritive treatment - Maria Galland
    This exclusive precious oil and body cream envelop the body like a cocoon, indulging all your senses. They have a deep regenerating effect on your skin, making it silky smooth to the touch.
  • Body slimming and firming - Maria Galland
    A gentle body peeling, mixture of precious oils, efficient slimming concentrate, and exceptional collagen mask for the body in combination with specific massage techniques designed by Maria Gallard shape your silhouette, indulge your skin and all your senses.
  • Tropical oasis - Pevonia Botanica
    A treatment of wrapping the body in tropical aromas that revive and tighten the skin. This treatment with key anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin C, calcium, potassium, as well as malic, tartaric and citric acid, will revive and refresh the skin.
  • Firm & glow - Pevonia Botanica
    Feel absolutely perfect with lumafirm® Firm & Glow Body Wrap. This treatment makes every square inch of your skin silky smooth and improves its tonus, leaving it refreshed, tight and radiant.

Relaxing Massages

Touch means life... reward your body. The goal of a massage is to relax. For this reason, we want you to be comfortable and to choose the temperature and colour of the light of the room, as well as the music.

Depending on the massage, we use Croatia's first eco-friendly oils with pronounced beneficial effects of Mediterranean aromatherapy, special natural non-essential oils and different exclusive oils with gold particles for a luxury gold massage.

If you are unsure about which massage or oil is best for you, turn to our wellness therapists who will provide expert advice. Wellness therapists will adapt the pressure of the massage to your needs, so please inform us of anything that may help us to make the massage as pleasant as possible for you.

Created by our Art Wellness Team, we offer you exclusive massages created by our wellness therapists, available only at hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj, Croatia.

The touch is extraordinary... indulge yourself.

Featured massages:

  • Stone signature
    A truly pleasurable massage with volcanic rocks which are used to establish the body's energy, restore inner peace and relax you from tension and stress.
  • Wood signature
    An energetic revitalizing massage that stimulates muscle metabolism and microcirculation. Specially crafted wooden tools of different shapes are used, such as a half-spheres, wooden paddles, sticks and rollers. They are gently pressed against your body and used to slide over your body.
  • Gold signature
    A special massage intended for relaxing and establishing balance. It is performed with highly-efficacious oil massage enriched with 24 carat gold particles, herbal essential oils and almond oil.
  • Art signature massage
    A ritual massage that starts with body peeling with sea salt enriched with Mediterranean herbs and is continued with the whole body massage specially tailored to your needs.
  • Mother-to-be
    A whole body massage that uses a special technique suitable for pregnant women, as well as cold-pressed almond oils rich in vitamin E, without the addition of essential oils.
  • Aroma Journey Experience
    Embark on a journey of senses with this custom made massage. Choose from various blends of essential oils to rejuvenate or just relax.


Maistra’s 5 star property, one of the leading hotels in Croatia, uses various brands of renowned cosmetic companies, depending on the treatments. For example, we use products from the Esensa Mediterana collection for luxury 24 carat gold treatment. Pevonia Botanica, a brand based on organic materials, with its detox and anti-aging treatments for the face and body, completes our offer which is based on the best of the Mediterranean and on the most natural of substances. In addition to professional cosmetics, treatments use local ingredients which are prominently represented by Quarnero, a company that specializes in the production of Croatia's first eco-friendly oils. A luxurious French professional brand for face and body care, Maria Galland, is famous for treatments with an individual approach and personalised programmes.


Indigenous and natural professional cosmetics that are produced in the laboratories of Dermoestetik in Umag, based on the active ingredients in Mediterranean herbs (lavender, rosemary, sage, etc.) and substances from the Adriatic Sea. In our Wellness centre, we also offer an exclusive Esense Mediterane line enriched with caviar and 24 carat colloidal gold particles.

QUARNERO (Croatia)

Quarnero is the first Croatian eco-friendly producer of oils for body care and body massage. All oils are made from pure essential organic oils and high-quality cold-pressed sesame oil for their base. Their ingredients include: rose geranium, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, lemon, camellia, red mandarin and peppermint. They are used to create a unique feeling on the skin and at the same time enable all beneficial ingredients to easily penetrate below the surface of the body during the massage.


Pevonia Botanica is the first choice of the most prestigious spa and wellness centres in the world and it is one of the most respected lines of cosmetics for home use. The brand offers an extremely wide selection of more than 250 different, nature infused products and types of treatment and each in its own way deals with all known problems with the skin. The secret of success of the cosmetic lines is based on a consistent combination of cutting-edge discoveries in science and the noblest natural substances.


A luxurious French professional brand for face and body care. Famous for treatments with an individual approach and personalised programmes offering something for everyone. The Art Wellness of the Monte Mulini Hotel offers the most efficient and well-known treatments by this world-renowned brand, such as the Modelling Mask, the most famous treatment offered by this brand, as well as the luxurious Mille line, with its regenerating and anti-aging effect.


Biologique Recherche is a luxury French skincare brand, specialised in personalised skincare programmes, using a scientific and clinical approach. The highly concentrated formulas, based on active ingredients from botanical, marine and biological origins, coupled with the meticulous and innovative treatment procedures, have allowed Biologique Recherche to achieve results of astounding effectiveness.


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