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Restaurants & Bars

There are plenty of flavours and a variety of foods on offer at Koversada. Sample local seafood straight from Lim Bay at the Batana seafood restaurant, enjoy a good piece of sizzling meat or fish at Mendula Grill or grab a hot crisp pizza at Balun.

Restaurant Amfora

Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Enjoy an array of hot and cold dishes, fruit, salads and cereals suitable for fans of the traditional, continental and Mediterranean diets.

If you are vegetarian, diabetic or need nutritionally enhanced dishes, just ask one of our staff members. They can make you a picnic basket too.

Dinner is served from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

Batana Fish Restaurant

Neatly tucked away in the shade of the ancient pines of Koversada Island, the Batana fish restaurant serves locally caught fresh fish and seafood, a few pasta dishes and a lot of fine Istrian wines to accompany the food.

Mendula Grill

A few steps away from the sandy beach, the Mendula Grill provides a secluded spot to hide from the heat and grab a light meal off the grill. Take-away options are available.

Pizzeria Balun

Situated right next to the sports courts, pizzeria Balun is perfect for on-the-go dinners and lunches after your tennis match or a workout. They bake great pizzas, but can cook some amazing pastas and meat dishes as well.


If you often wonder where the refreshments are when you need them, the answer is "almost everywhere" when it comes to Koversada. It has two Blue bars, Fresh corner and a Lounge bar scattered around the resort. Enjoy.