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General terms and conditions of the Maistra Loyalty programme


These General Terms and Conditions determine the rules of the Maistra Loyalty Programme (hereinafter: the Programme) which is organised by Maistra d.d. with its registered seat in Rovinj, Obala Vladimira Nazora 6 (hereinafter: Maistra), which applies to Maistra's following accommodation properties: Hotel Monte Mulini, Hotel Adriatic, Hotel Eden, Hotel Istra, Hotel Katarina, Hotel Lone, Hotel Park, Hotel Pineta, Hotel Amarin, TN Amarin, TN Belvedere, TN Funtana, TN Petalon, TN Villas Rubin, TN Apartmani Koversada, TN Vilas Koversada, Apartmani Riva, campsite Amarin, campsite Koversada, campsite Polari, campsite Porto Sole, campsite Valkanela and campsite Veštar.

The aim of the Programme is to reward loyal guests. The guests who become members of the Programme (hereinafter: members) will receive loyalty cards and will be able to collect "waves" - reward points - by using Maistra's services. Collected waves can be used for discounts during future stays in Maistra's accommodation properties.

1. Membership requirements

Any physical person can become a member of the Programme by filling in the required information in a membership application form at the reception desk of the accommodation property or via the online application form. Membership in the Programme is free. A member can terminate his/her membership in the Programme at any moment by a written notification. This includes withdrawing from the Programme, which permanently terminates the existing relationship between the member and the Maistra Loyalty Programme and all benefits related to the membership.

2. Maistra Loyalty card

During application the member receives a temporary card which enables him/her to collect waves and achieve various benefits. If a member joins the Programme during his stay in a Maistra accommodation property, he can collect his permanent card at the reception desk of the property 3 days after filling in the application form. If the guest fills in the application form online, he will receive the card at the reception desk upon arrival or at his home address, depending on his choice.
In order to collect ‘waves’ a member needs to present his/her card when checking in at the accommodation and when paying his/her bill.

The card is not a means of payment and cannot be transferred.
The member is responsible for all activities regarding his card account. Each member shall notify Maistra in the case that his personal data change. The card remains Maistra's property and Maistra reserves the right to withdraw or not to accept the card if the member does not use the card in accordance with the rules and requirements of membership.
In case the member loses the card or it is stolen, he can request a replacement card by sending an email to the following address: [email protected]. Maistra is not liable for possible unauthorised use of the waves on lost or stolen cards.

3. Levels of Maistra Loyalty Programme

The Programme consists of two membership levels: maiCard and maiCard PLUS. Upon joining the Programme, the member receives a maiCard. If the guest collects a total of 150 waves in two years, he is transferred to the second membership level and receives a maiCard PLUS card. The maiCard PLUS card gives the member additional benefits, which can be used for two years, starting from the date when he was given the right to a maiCard PLUS card.
The maiCard PLUS card becomes void if the guest has not collected 150 waves in a period of two years. In this case, the member continues to use the rights of his maiCard.

4. Collecting waves

4.1. The rules of collecting waves:
  • Upon joining the Programme, the member receives 5 welcome waves
  • for each 50 EUR paid for accommodation booked directly via Maistra, the member receives 1 wave in Maistra's accommodation properties (1 wave is awarded for each amount of 50 EUR spent, and the paid amount until the following 50 EUR enters the calculation of waves awarded upon the subsequent invoice, if it is realised in the following two years)
  • for each 20 EUR spent in Maistra's restaurants, wellness and Spa centres and/or sports centres, the member is awarded 1 wave (1 wave is awarded for each amount of 20 EUR spent, cumulative for all mentioned services, and the amount until the following 20 EUR enters the calculation of waves awarded upon the subsequent invoice, if it is realised in the following two years)
  • for stays booked 90 days before arrival, the member receives 2 waves
  • for stays booked via Maistra's online websites, the member receives 1 wave
  • If a member brings a new guest who has never stayed at Maistra before to a Maistra accommodation facility, the member will receive 10 ‘waves’ for the accommodation unit booked, and if the new guest also signs up for the programme, they will receive 10 ‘waves’ on their own card. In both cases the accommodation should be booked directly through Maistra.

Waves are placed on the member's card account one day after the transaction has been made.

4.2. Valid accommodation costs

The right to collect waves based on the payment of accommodation service is given to all members booking the accommodation directly via Maistra (via Maistra's booking centre, online booking system or directly at the reception desk).
Members who use the accommodation service in Maistra through agencies as well as members who choose the flat rate system are not entitled to collect waves based on the payment of the accommodation service, i.e. paying flat rate in the accommodation properties.

4.3. Valid non-accommodation costs

All members, regardless of the method of booking, are entitled to collect waves while paying food and drinks, wellness, sports and other services realised at the sales points under Maistra's management (hereinafter: non-accommodation costs).

4.4. Validity of waves

The collected waves are valid for two years from the last activity. Validity is prolonged for a further two years each time a member makes a transaction in one of Maistra's property on his account. If a member makes no transactions in two years, all previously collected waves are deleted from his account, without the option of their return or replacement. Membership in the Programme remains valid.
Waves have no cash value. Waves are collected only for effectively paid valid costs after the member has used previously collected waves.

5. Benefits provided by the Programme

Each new member automatically subscribes to Maistra's newsletter to his email address with the latest news and special offers.

Collected waves can be exchanged for benefits such as a discount during the following stay of the member in an accommodation property when paying for accommodation service which was booked directly via Maistra (via Maistra's booking centre, online booking system or directly at the reception desk). Members who choose a flat rate system can use the waves collected when paying for non-accommodation costs during the following year when paying the lump sum.
When using the benefits, 1 wave is worth 1 EUR. The member has to submit his card when paying the invoice in order to use the benefits/waves collected during the previous stays. Each time a member uses his waves, they are deleted from his account. The maximum amount of discount a member can receive by using the collected waves cannot exceed 90% of the total invoice amount which a member has to pay for his accommodation in the accommodation properties.

If guests is awarded with voucher as surprise gift it can be used in our restaurants and bars, as well as wellness and sports centres. This voucher can't be used as discount on accomodation costs.

A member with a maiCard PLUS card is entitled to the additional rights to the following benefits:

  • 5% discount for non-accommodation services (cannot be combined with other discount offers)
  • early check in / late check out
  • room upgrade (upon availability)

6. Old Maistra Privilege Programme and Maistra Camping Programme

Old loyalty programme is terminated, cancelling all benefits acquired within the old programme.

7. Conditions and procedures of terminating the membership

7.1. Termination by a member

A member can terminate his membership in the programme at any time, by delivering a termination notice by email to the following address: [email protected]. Such termination includes deleting all data of the member from the database of the Maistra Loyalty programme, as well as the remaining waves on the member's account at the time of termination.

7.2. Termination by Maistra

Each use of the membership card (and the programme) which is not in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions can lead to the termination of the card and accompanying benefits, closing the member's account and deleting all collected waves, with a notice delivered to the member.

8. Information on the programme

A member can look up all information regarding the programme on Maistra's websiteswww.maistra.hr. For all questions regarding the membership and information about the change of personal data or any other information concerning membership, members can contact the following address: [email protected].

9. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

Maistra reserves the right to a complete or partial cessation or amendments of the conditions of Maistra Loyalty Programme. Maistra shall timely inform the members about the amendments or cessation of the Programme and shall not be liable for possible loss or damage made to the members after the mentioned amendments come into force. Current General Terms and Conditions of the Programme are available on Maistra's official websitewww.maistra.hr.

10. Data privacy and applicable law

By becoming a member of the Programme, it shall be deemed that the member has given his express consent to Maistra to collect, use and process his personal data for marketing and communication purposes, such as the segmentation and communication of offers, advertising materials, satisfaction surveys etc. via mail or email. Maistra guarantees the permanent and unlimited protection of member's data, and shall not make them available to third persons without the member's consent.

Croatian law and court jurisdiction of Maistra's seat shall apply to these General Terms and Conditions.


These General Terms and Conditions apply from 1 October 2013. Collection of waves for accommodation and non-accommodation services (Article 4.1., al. 2. and 3.) in the Hotels Adriatic, Eden, Istra, Lone, Park, Pineta, apartments Riva and campsite Portosole is possible from 1 October 2013, and in other accommodation properties (mentioned above) from the date of opening of each respective property in 2014.


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