Resort Petalon

Resort Petalon

The green Mediterranean oasis of Petalon hides under a roof of pine trees, occupying a small peninsula right across from Vrsar, with nice rocky beaches surrounding it. Spend your holidays in style with a great view and a lot to do.

Services & amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Pet Friendly Resort
  • Free Parking
  • Beach & Pool
  • Sport Facilities
  • Bike Friendly Resort
  • Special services and offers for divers
  • Air conditioning in every accommodation unit
  • ATM


Enjoy modern and comfortable accommodation in 176 double and triple bedrooms and 48 apartments.

Room types


Apartment types


Contact us:


Petalon 5,
52450 Vrsar, Croatia


Phone: +385 52 800 250
Fax: +385 52 800 215

Beaches & Pools

Perched right at the waterfront of rocky, paved and pebble shores, the Petalon is a great place for sea lovers. Those less nature inclined can always enjoy the comforts of freshwater pools.

Restaurants & Bars

Our chefs are happy to cater to every dietary regime, from vegetarians to diabetics, even athletes in training. Of course, you can always try the flavours of Istria at one of our a la carte restaurants.

Fun & Sport

Play tennis, table tennis, mini golf, volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball, badminton; throw some bocce, bike, hike or dive into the blue depths. You can keep in shape as well.