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Restaurants & bars

Restaurants & bars

All Suite guests enjoy a breakfast fit for aristocrats; every morning, breakfast is served on the terrace of the historic Baron Hütterott residence. The same terrace is later transformed into the magical La Serra, Anno Domini 547 à la carte restaurant. In a beautiful beachfront location surrounded by pine trees, you will find the Basilico Pizza Pasta restaurant, where pizzas and pasta dishes have that local Istrian flavour. You can also find top-quality local pršut and cheese and excellent Istrian wines at the Captain’s Club, and you can take respite from the afternoon sun on the Blue Bar Istra terrace.

All Suite Island Hotel Istra - restaurants & bars

Istra Board Restaurant
In the restaurant for hotel guests on the ground floor of the Island Hotel Istra, guests are free to enjoy the excellent buffet with drinks included in the price. In addition to a large selection of dishes for meat, fish and veggie lovers, the restaurant also serves daily a number of healthy food options, which you will find labelled Your Healthy Choice. The daily menu includes cakes, ice cream, and fruit. Make sure you visit our theme night dinners. Another recommendation – try breakfast on our outdoor terraces to start the day.
La Serra, Anno Domini 547
Behind the doors of the historic building which once served as Baron Hütterott’s summer residence on the island of St Andrew, today you can indulge in a superior culinary adventure. The La Serra à la carte restaurant is located in this wonderful, historic summer residence, where you can order Baron Hütterott’s six-course menu, which was served at the La Serra restaurant back in 1906. You can delight your palate with traditional Mediterranean specialities with a modern twist, prepared using fresh local ingredients and served with sensational Istrian wines. The à la carte breakfast is just as exciting.
Basilico Pizza Pasta

If you’ve decided on the island of St Andrew as your holiday destination, you know the true meaning of relaxation. And when you come across the Basilico Pizza Pasta restaurant on the island, you can rest assured that you will find plenty of dishes to whet your appetite.

The Basilico Pizza Pasta restaurant is all about local tradition, locally sourced, fresh and seasonal produce, modern flavours and friendly but unobtrusive service.

Surrounded by the gorgeous island scenery, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and the sounds of cars passing by, you will get a chance to taste delicious pizzas and pasta dishes generously seasoned with award-winning locally sourced olive oil, goat cheese, world-famous truffles, or sausages made with the meat of the boškarin, an indigenous breed of Istrian cattle. You will also find meat dishes, salads and Italian-Istrian desserts – truly a menu to serve all tastes!

In addition to food, we have carefully selected local wine varieties such as malvasia and teran, as well as exciting local microbrews.

Basilico Pizza Pasta is part of the MaiEats Restaurants & Bars brand, which serves as a guarantee of fresh ingredients, delicious food, and a superb selection of drinks in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

Captain’s Club
As you leave Baron Hütterott’s summer residence with its exquisite La Serra AD 547 restaurant and move a few steps closer to the sea, you will come across comfy armchairs, perfect to sink into as you experience what can easily be described as one of the most beautiful sunsets. Try Istrian pršut, cheeses, and marinated olives, best paired with our large selection of fine wines, sparkling wines, and cocktails. Find us down by the pier, not far from the dock where you first touched land on the island of St Andrew.
Lavanda Grill
Cross the charming bridge by the beach leading from the island of St Andrew to Maškin and discover the various dishes for meat and fish lovers prepared by our talented chefs. We also have pizzas and desserts, not to mention the specialities recommended by the chef prepared on our natural charcoal grill.
Bistro Allegro
On the ground floor of the hotel, close to the outdoor pools, this is the perfect place for an afternoon break. In the bistro, you can order light summer salads in addition to a large selection of street-style food, especially burgers and club sandwiches. You can always count on at least one family or team member being up for dessert. We recommend the creamy Allegro pancakes.
Lobby Bar Istra
Relax on our terrace offering breathtaking views of the sea. The bar is located in the hotel lobby. We offer a large selection of sandwiches, light snacks and desserts, and we highly recommend our smoothies, light bites and teas as part of our Your Healthy Choice programme. If, however, you fancy something else, we also have a varied selection of gins and spritzes, along with an impressive variety of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails.
Sole Pool Bar
Sole Pool Bar is just perfect for a well-deserved summer break and relaxation during the day, with its gorgeous views of the sea and nearby outdoor pools. Find us – we are close to the Hotel Istra’s pools. We offer a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages, hot drinks, cocktails, snacks and desserts.
Blue Bar Istra
Very few places can match the charm of our terrace, located just by the main beach on the island of St Andrew, where you can spend precious moments as the waves gently hug the walls beneath your feet. Surrounded by the endless azure sea, enjoy the bar’s excellent offer of small light dishes, ice cream and refreshing drinks. Whether you’re just spending a day at the beach or on your way to explore the island, this is the place to take a break during the day with your favourite drink in hand.
Fermata Caffè
Guests waiting for their boat at the Delfin Quay or taking a stroll down Rovinj’s new promenade by the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj can seek refreshments in the wide selection of gins and spritzes, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and hot drinks available. We also offer light bites and desserts.
Beach Bar Istra
Relax on our sun lounge or terrace and just press for service if you want your favourite cocktail – it will be by your deckchair in no time. The bar is perfect for sipping cocktails, trying out various gins and spritzes, and enjoying live evening music and views of the hotel’s harbour. Naturally, we offer a wide selection of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. Find us on the sun lounge near the hotel beach.
Sweet Corner
You will definitely be coming back for your sweet break. And each time, you will be able to try something new, as we offer pastries, ice cream, pancakes and waffles, along with a large selection of condiments. We also have various granitas for children. Don’t miss us – we are right on the promenade, between the Hotel Istra and All Suite building.