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Batana Seafood Restaurant

In a charming, secluded location in the shade of the pine forest on the island of Koversada, Batana Seafood Restaurant is the ideal place for a gourmet adventure through local specialities prepared from freshly caught fish and seafood from nearby Lim Bay. Paired with seafood delicacies, we recommend you try some of the award-winning wines from Istria, a renowned wine region. The restaurant also serves meat dishes and pasta, and you can order food to go if you want to enjoy your meal in the more intimate atmosphere of your terrace. In July and August, you can enjoy live music once a week.

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While it is true that beverages are the lodestone of every bar, the general ambience and character are what really define it. The atmosphere of Delfina Beach Bar exudes summer relaxation, much like the drinks we serve, and the delicious flavour lingers long after your stay at the Koversada NP.

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