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Adria Snack

When you’re at the beach, drop by the Adria Snack any time for a quick and delicious bite, a cup of coffee, freshly squeezed fruit juices and other refreshing drinks.

Kapula Burger Bar
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Polari Campsite is situated outside magical Rovinj, but still close enough to run or cycle into town. What does that have to do with our Kapula Burger Bar? Returning to the campsite is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a delicious burger with a local twist. Don't worry, you can visit us even if you haven’t been working out. Kapula Burger Bar is all about local tradition, fresh seasonal ingredients and a friendly atmosphere. When this philosophy is transferred to the menu, you can find tasty burgers elevated with traditional cheeses, local pancetta or home-grown tomatoes. Istrian wine varieties such as malvasia and teran and unique craft beers from local microbreweries add an extra local twist to the whole story. Kapula Burger Bar is part of the MaiEats Restaurants & Bars brand, which serves as a guarantee of fresh ingredients, delicious food, and a superb selection of drinks in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

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