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Flat Rate

Flat Rate
Flat RatePrices (EUR / KN)
21.04. – 7.10.2023.
Zone Superior Sea6.300,00 / 47.467,35
Zone Superior5.700,00 / 42.946,65
Zone Sea4.750,00 / 35.788,88
Zone Premium / Standard4.000,00 / 30.138,00


  • Accommodation for up to 4 persons
  • A place for a camping trailer and a car
  • Electricity connection
  • Use of the beach and bathroom facilities


  • Upon signing of the agreement, the persons/family members using camping services at the flat rate should be specified. If the agreement is made for more than 4 persons, the extra charge per person amounts to 150.00 € (1.130,18 KN).
  • Persons not included in the agreement staying in a camping trailer on flat-rate basis are subject to payment of daily fee for persons and cars (extra car) at regular camping rates.
  • No discounts are given for flat rates.
  • The maximum surface area of a camping space is 100 m². Additional area is charged with 15.00 € per m² (113,02 KN / m2).
  • Dog flat rate: 200.00 € (1.506,90 KN).
  • Flat rate for a boat trailer: 250.00 € (1883,63 KN).
  • Parking space for a vehicle outside the plot: 100.00 € (753,45 KN).
  • The flat rate is exclusive of residence tax.

For assistance regarding your family flat rate booking, please contact our reservations centre.

Service and tax (VAT) are included in the price. The dual display of prices shows prices converted at a fixed rate of EUR 1 = HRK 7.53450.

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