Campsite Veštar
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Flat Rate

Flat Rate
Flat Rate 2024Price (EUR)
Zone Premium6.400,00
Zone Superior5.300,00
Zone 14.000,00


  • Accommodation for up to 4 persons (that number does not include children aged 0-4.99)
  • A place for a camping trailer and a car
  • Electricity connection
  • Use of the bathroom facilities


  • Upon signing of the agreement, the persons/family members using camping services at the flat rate should be specified. A maximum of 2 additional persons (that number does not include children aged 0-4.99) can be included in the flat rate contract, with a surcharge of €100.00 per person.
  • The maximum number of people who can stay on the pitch at the same time is 6 (that number does not include children aged 0-4.99).
  • Discounts and special offers don’t apply to flat rate prices.
  • The maximum surface area of a camping space is 100 m². Additional area is payable in amount of 15.00 € / m².
  • Dog flat rate: 200.00 €.
  • Flat rate for a boat trailer outside the plot: 250.00 €.
  • Parking space for a vehicle outside the plot: 100.00 €.
  • The flat rate is exclusive of tourist tax.

For assistance regarding your family flat rate booking, please contact our reservations centre.

Service and tax (VAT) are included in the price.