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Restaurants & bars

Restaurants & bars

If you want to discover local flavours, you don't have to stray far from the wonderful campsite where you’re enjoying a well-deserved holiday. Lovor Real Grill, Kapula Burger Bar, and Basilico Pizza Pasta make local, fresh, delicious food. All three restaurants are marked by a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. And it is precisely this ambience that has become the trademark of our bars by the beach and pool. That’s just the way we are in Istria.

Veštar Campsite restaurants & bars

In our restaurants and bars, you can expect top-quality food and drinks with local ingredients and Mediterranean flavours, with creative interpretations by chefs that will surprise and delight you.

Basilico Pizza Pasta
Indulge in authentic Istrian cuisine at Basilico Pizza Pasta at Veštar Campsite. Savour black truffle or Adriatic anchovy pizza and finish with a refreshing semifreddo pyramid. Pair your meal with local wines and beers for a complete experience.
Lovor Real Grill
Start your evening at Veštar Campsite with local cheese and wine or a craft beer from the nearby area. Then, move on to a juicy steak, local sausages, or grilled fish dishes. And lastly, don’t forget the pride of Istria – its extra virgin olive oil.
Kapula Burger Bar
Try delicious burgers topped with Istrian bacon, local goat cheese, and crispy onion rings at Veštar Campsite’s Kapula Burger Bar. In addition to the fantastic food, we serve local wines and original beers from local microbreweries.
Tuffo Splash Bar
Tuffo Splash Bar, one of MaiEats brands, brings poolside bliss to Veštar Campsite, serving ice-cold cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, favourite beers, and healthy snacks in its delightful and welcoming atmosphere.

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