Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
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Restaurants & bars

Restaurants & bars

From bespoke dining to casual snacks or refreshing drinks, here different food experiences always come with spectacular vistas. You can choose from 7 different restaurant and bar concepts, including the signature Cap Aureo restaurant or Michelin star Agli Amici. If you can’t decide which one to choose, stay another day.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Agli Amici Rovinj
This restaurant with a menu by the renowned Italian chef Emanuele Scarello brings Michelin-starred cuisine to Rovinj. Situated in the very heart of the marina, the restaurant offers an astonishing vista of the old town centre of Rovinj and the island of St Catherine, as well as a unique and unforgettable gourmet experience.
Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant
The Istrian art on every plate and in every glass tells the stories of the land and sea, which you can see from the glass-walled terrace on the fifth floor. Chef Jeffrey Vella prepares sensational vegetable-based dishes using the finest local ingredients with a carefully curated wine list. The chef’s table experience offers a selection of up to 20 dishes per person.
Laurel & Berry Restaurant
Boškarin beef carpaccio, Istrian minestrone, Adriatic prawn tempura with avocado on rye and truffle mayonnaise are just a small part of this menu inspired by local ingredients. The restaurant on the 4th floor is open all day for buffet breakfast, lunch and casual dinner.
Viva Eufemia Lobby Bar
This is one of those places that you love before you even notice it, and you soon find yourself stopping by for a bite of seafood, a favourite drink or to enjoy exquisite tobacco at the private Tabakina cigar lounge. With the bar in the centre and a spacious outdoor terrace, this is the perfect place to start or end your day with a beautiful vista of the old town of Rovinj, to host large events or relax with a drink from our exquisite selection. It is open every day from 7 am to midnight and offers hotel lobby food and classic drinks.
Cissa Pool Bar
A relaxed setting on the fifth floor of the hotel, perfect for snacks and light summer dishes in a casual ambience alongside the pool. There are also freshly made alcoholic and virgin cocktails, juices and smoothies. Open every day from 11 am to 6 pm.
Primi Terreni Restaurant & Deli
Primi Terreni or “First Land” is the historical name of the location where the Grand Park Hotel is situated in Rovinj. At the deli, you can try, buy and bring home the flavours of Istria – dandelion jam, goat milk caramel, chopped black truffles and the unmissable local olive oils, wines, and rakija brandy. At the Primi Tereni Restaurant, you will find dishes grilled over wood charcoal or lava, as well as cocktails and music in the lounge area.
Katarina's Patisserie
Katarina’s Patisserie has the best espresso in town, as well as unique cakes and home-made ice cream. This place is a buzz of activity on the Lungomare Plaza promenade. The menu also features light snacks, pizzas, aperitifs and cocktails.
Lovor Lounge&Beach
Lovor Lounge&Beach is located on the cape of the forest park and is an ideal place to refresh yourself after a walk or a day at the nearby beach. The relaxed atmosphere is accompanied by an assortment of salads, pasta, local seafood, hamburgers, barbeque classics, creative cocktails and local wines.

Restaurants on the Lungomare Plaza promenade

The town’s Lungomare Plaza promenade on the ground floor of the hotel is the perfect place to meet some local people. They are off to Katarina’s Patisserie for a cupcake and the best espresso in town. Primi Terreni Restaurant & Deli offers a casual ambience and unique flavours of Istria.

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