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Wellness & Spa

Wellness & Spa

Inspired by the freedom of sailing, at Albaro Wellness & Spa, we reveal the secrets of Istrian wellness. Recognised by UK’s Red magazine, Albaro featured in the “top spas of the world” list.

Albaro wellness & Spa

The concept of this wellness & spa was inspired by the combination of albaro, the powerful mast of the traditional Rovinj fishing boat batana, a small boat, but sturdy enough to beat the waves and the open sea, and the secrets of medicinal herbs of Istrian Terra Magica. Discover new strength and relax with unique spa treatments with medicinal algae, pressed olives and hand-picked local medicinal herbs soaked in Istrian liqueurs. Spanning more than 3800 sq. m, Albaro Wellness & Spa offers saunas, pools, a sunbathing area and a relaxing Mediterranean garden.
Signature Treatments

Warm up your body with a shot of local rakija brandy or Istrian herbal liqueurs which are traditionally used for medicinal purposes, then relax with exclusive massages and treatments.

Pelinkovac Rakija Ritual

A magical aromatherapy massage and sugar scrub are inspired by the iconic Istrian absinthe.

Olive Press Ceremony

A deeply relaxing massage with extra virgin olive oil followed by a body scrub made from crushed olives for smooth skin.

Batana Bodywork

Inspired by the traditional Rovinj boat, this massage uses hemp balm and rowing movements to stimulate your trigger spots using a real batana oar.

Albaro Wellness & Spa Cosmetics

Omorovicza luxury skincare products

Honouring the Austro-Hungarian history of wellness, Rovinj offers luxury skincare products by Omorovicza, which contain thermal water and medicinal mud for an anti-ageing effect.

Local Croatian Ingredients

The spa uses locally sourced healing ingredients derived from two millennia of history, like the hand-collected sea salt of the Pag Salt Pan, Helios Gea crushed olives, traditionally distilled essential oils and natural skincare products Esensa Mediterana.

VOYA Organic Luxury from the Sea

We have searched far and wide for organic algae to offer you this ancient medicine from the sea. Swim like a mermaid through wavy leaves or wrap yourself in it from head to toe. This algae has been used for healing since ancient times.

Muse Biofeedback with an EEG headband

Explore the health of your mind with Muse, a clinical EEG which enables sound feedback from your brain waves in real time. Calm the storm inside you with these easy-to-learn techniques.

Thermal Zone

Relax your body, mind and spirit with revitalising thermal experiences using aromatic botanic additions from our forest park.

  • Finnish Sauna: 90°C and 10% humidity
  • Outdoor Forest Banya: 75°C and 15% humidity
  • Mastic Relax Sauna: 65°C and 40% humidity
  • Absinthium Steam Room: 45°C and 55% humidity
  • Citrus Lift Steam Room: 40°C and 98% humidity
  • Cold Plunge Pools: 10°C
  • Ice Fountain
  • Archipelago Shower
  • Wellness Garden Relaxation Area

Swim, Sun & Exercise

The zone for swimming, workouts and relaxing in one of our three pools is on the fifth floor of the hotel. Here, you will also find the gym, Cissa Bar and sun loungers. Swim in the outdoor infinity pool with stunning views over Rovinj, or in the 50-metre sports pool stretching from the indoor to the outdoor area. Choose a lounge chair indoors or outdoors.

The gym also has a stunning view of the sea and offers advanced workouts with TechnoGym Kinesis. Add a twist to your fitness routine with a personal training session in monofin swimming, Kinesis, rowing techniques and suspension workouts.


Outdoor infinity leisure pool

  • Pool size 293 m2
  • Pool depth 122 cm
  • Fresh water

Sports pool

  • Pool size 258 m2
  • Pool depth 130 cm
  • Fresh water

Relaxation pool

  • Pool size 45.7 m2
  • Pool depth 47 cm
  • Fresh water



+385(0)52 642 021

opening hours

  • Gym 0-24
  • Wellness & Spa Albarofrom 07:00 - 21:00
  • Saunas and massagesfrom 08:00 to 21:00
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    The use of the wellness & spa zone for hotel guests is included in the price of accommodation. All treatments are at extra charge


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