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Restaurants & bars

Restaurants & bars

The Pineta restaurant, serving hotel guests with a meal plan package, offers stunning views of the gorgeous archipelago and the historic old town from the restaurant terrace. The sumptuous breakfast and dinner buffet might motivate you to stop feasting your eyes on the beauty all around you and enjoy a different kind of feast. If the road takes you to Lovor Real Grill and Star Anis restaurants, you will discover a fusion of classic international dishes and select staples of Asian cuisine. Lovor Real Grill offers famous meat and fish-based dishes with fresh produce and a local twist, and Star Anis serves Asian food prepared using fresh local ingredients.

Pineta Hotel – restaurants & bars

In our restaurants and bars, you can expect top-quality food and drinks with local ingredients and Mediterranean flavours, with creative interpretations by chefs that will surprise and delight you.

Board Restaurant Pineta
Some people can’t start the day without a good cup of coffee, so why not enjoy breakfast at the same time with one of the most beautiful views of the nearby islands near Vrsar. From the extensive menu of the buffet restaurant at the Pineta Hotel, you can choose between hot and cold dishes for breakfast and dinner, as well as special diets adapted for athletes, vegetarians or diabetics. But if you have already planned your whole day and want to start your adventure as soon as possible, we will prepare packed lunches for you.
Star Anise Asian

Fresh, local, and Asian? Star Anise Asian is an innovative fusion restaurant serving authentic Asian food made with passion using fresh local ingredients. As you enjoy the restaurant’s modern décor and laid-back atmosphere, try dishes such as Adriatic tuna tataki or beef stir-fry made with locally reared baby beef. The selection of beverages is just as original – the friendly staff will be happy to introduce you to the world of Japanese and local beers, select Japanese whiskeys.

The Vrsar seaside promenade has always been a melting pot of excited visitors from all over the world, moored boats, and charming Mediterranean restaurants. And now, a slightly different concept has found its place on the seafront. Star Anise Asian is a modern fusion restaurant serving authentic Asian food made with passion using fresh local ingredients. Have you ever tasted green curry inspired by green Istria, Adriatic tuna tataki, or a stir-fry with locally reared baby beef? The friendly staff will be happy to introduce you to the world of authentic Japanese and local beers, as well as Japanese whiskeys. Or order a traditional cup of hand-whisked Matcha tea, it will perk you right up!

Lobby Piano Bar
Nestled in the shade with a view of the sea, the Pineta Lobby Piano Bar is an ideal spot to enjoy yourselves. They serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages while you relax on the beautiful terrace. Piece of advice: try to forget your cellphone for a moment – this is an ideal spot to recharge and enjoy the moment with all your senses.
Lovor Real Grill
Belvedere Resort is a place to relax, but also to take advantage of all the experiences the destination has to offer. Whether you decide to spend the day at the spectacular pool, exploring the numerous cycling routes, or discovering water sports that you may never have even heard of before, your day will be packed full of adventures. But the evening is a different story. In the evening, the adventurers shift gear into relax mode and enjoy a different type of experience. At the Lovor Real Grill, it is all about local tradition, locally sourced, fresh and seasonal produce, and taking pride in modern flavours and friendly, unobtrusive service. Start a relaxed summer dinner on one of the most beautiful terraces in Vrsar with a glass of local wine such as malvasia or teran and a plate of local pršut, and then follow it up with a thick steak or delicious grilled prawns and interesting local microbrews. Lovor Real Grill is part of the MaiEats Restaurants & Bars brand, which serves as a guarantee of fresh ingredients, delicious food, and a superb selection of drinks in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.
Adria Snack Riva
A stroll along Vrsar’s waterfront is a favourite relaxing ritual of our guests, but it’s also something that many local people enjoy. The Adria Snack bar is right in the middle of the promenade, below the Riva apartments and just a few metres from the Asian restaurant Star Anise. Take a break from your adventures for a moment and stop by the bar to try premium ice creams, waffles, toast, excellent coffee, or refreshing cocktails, and be sure to stick around long enough to enjoy the view of the waterfront and the old town of Vrsar.
Pool Bar Belvedere
Discover a wide selection of fast food, refreshing cocktails, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the bar located by the Belvedere Resort’s large swimming pool. You can chill all day on a sun lounger by the pool, with constantly available food and drinks, or enjoy a swim.

Wellness & Spa

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