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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Since you will spend most of the day on the beach or by the pools, you can stop by some of the restaurants and bars for a light lunch, coffee, or refreshments in more casual clothes. You can enjoy the finest breakfast at Lumina Board Restaurant. Enjoy the refreshing breeze and the sea view on the terrace of the Lumina restaurant and try local Istrian pršut, dried on that same bura wind, or opt for the simple pleasures – a cup of coffee and freshly baked Basilico Pizza Pasta pizzas by the pool.

Resort Amarin Rovinj – Restaurants & Bars

Lumina Board Restaurant

From the moment you sit down on the terrace of the Lumina Restaurant, located in the pool area of the Amarin Resort, you will be amazed by the offer, as well as the sea view. Right after you wake up, you can enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast served from 7 to 10 am. For dinner, which is served from 7 to 9 pm, choose from a selection of hot and cold dishes, fruit, salads and desserts. If you are vegetarian, diabetic, or in need of nutritionally-fortified meals, feel free to notify our staff. For perfect experience, we recommend pairing Mediterranean delicacies with a glass of Istrian wine, such as Malvasia, Teran or Refošk. On top of all that, do not worry about the dress code – it is casual. The terrace of the Lumina Restaurant is also pet-friendly.

Basilico Pizza Pasta

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a balmy evening with a gentle breeze, the terrace of the Basilico Pizza Pasta restaurant always sounds like a good idea. The restaurant treasures local tradition and uses locally sourced, fresh, and seasonal produce, taking pride in its modern flavours and friendly, unobtrusive service, serving pizza and pasta with a local, Istrian twist. If you don’t have a favourite type of pizza or pizza toppings, try one of the pizzas with local ingredients such as the special Istrian goat cheese, pancetta, or black truffles. We can’t get enough of them. You’re on holiday, so feel free to follow that up with some ice cream or a glass of local wine such as malvasia or teran. If you’re more of a beer person, you’ll love our selection of craft beer produced by the local microbreweries. Basilico Pizza Pasta is part of the MaiEats Restaurants & Bars brand, which serves as a guarantee of fresh ingredients, delicious food, and a superb selection of drinks in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

Garden Bar

Welcome to a small green oasis. Every day we serve desserts, ice cream, light snacks, and coffee. Ideal when taking a break between sunbathing and swimming. And for a sweet getaway in the shade.

Pool Bar

Just above the beach, look for the pool bar overlooking the sea that offers everything you need during the summer days and evenings. During the day, you can drop by and cool off with ice cream or iced coffee before jumping back into one of the three seawater pools. At sunset, be sure to stop by for a cocktail.

Barluma Patisserie

Sit comfortably by the pool at the resort and enjoy ice cream, the finest desserts, and hot and cold coffee drinks. The bar and patisserie are there for moments of pure hedonism, enjoying the sweet flavours of summer. Here, you can also order iced drinks to cool off before getting into the pool again. The bar is pet friendly and notable for its laid-back ambience.

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