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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

A morning with a cup of hot coffee and a full breakfast at the restaurant for guests with a meal plan package while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea and the islands has already become a traditional way to start the day at the Belvedere Resort. With something completely different for lunch or dinner. You can try international dishes with a local twist, such as melt-in-your-mouth croquettes with Adriatic shrimp and Veli Jože Istrian cheese at the Lovor Real Grill restaurant. A slightly different concept has also found its place on the seafront promenade. Star Anise Asian is a modern fusion restaurant serving authentic Asian food made with passion using fresh local ingredients. Have you ever tasted green curry inspired by green Istria, Adriatic tuna tataki, or a stir-fry with locally reared baby beef?

Belvedere Resort – restaurants & bars

In our restaurants and bars, you can expect top-quality food and drinks with local ingredients and Mediterranean flavours, with creative interpretations by chefs that will surprise and delight you.

Board Restaurant Belvedere
Choose a great seat next to the glass wall overlooking the sea and enjoy an extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes.
Lovor Real Grill
Lovor Real Grill is all about local tradition, locally sourced, fresh, and seasonal produce, and taking pride in its modern flavours and friendly, unobtrusive service.
Star Anise Asian
Fresh, local, and Asian? Star Anise is an innovative fusion restaurant serving authentic Asian food made with passion using fresh local ingredients.
Belvedere Aperitiv Bar
The Aperitif Bar on the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea is the first choice for your favourite drink during the day or evening.
Adria Snack Riva
Take a break from your adventures for a moment and stop by the bar to try premium ice creams, waffles, excellent coffee, or refreshing cocktails.
Tuffo Splash Bar
By the large pool, find a wide selection of refreshments, including cold drinks, ice cream, and quick bites. Feel free to enjoy them slowly; here in Istria, there’s no rush.

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