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Choose a great seat next to the glass wall overlooking the sea and enjoy an extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes. If you have special nutritional requirements because you are vegan, vegetarian, or on a special diet, you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you want. A great buffet dinner is also guaranteed with a variety of hot and cold dishes.

Lovor Real Grill
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The Belvedere Resort is a place to relax, but also to take advantage of all the experiences the destination has to offer. Whether you decide to spend the day at the spectacular pool, exploring numerous cycling routes, or discovering water sports that you may not have even known about, here your day will be packed full of adventures. But the evening is a different story. In the evening, the adventurers shift gear into relax mode and enjoy a different type of experience. At the Lovor Real Grill, it is all about local tradition, locally sourced, fresh, and seasonal produce, and taking pride in its modern flavours and friendly, unobtrusive service. Start a relaxed summer dinner on one of the most beautiful terraces in Vrsar with a glass of local wine such as malvasia or teran and a plate of local pršut and follow that up with a thick steak or delicious grilled prawns and interesting local microbrews. Lovor Real Grill is part of the MaiEats Restaurants & Bars brand, which serves as a guarantee of fresh ingredients, delicious food, and a superb selection of drinks in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

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