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Astarea Tavern

In the authentic tavern, you can treat yourself to local flavours with fresh ingredients and fish and meat specialities. Guests can complete their gastronomic experience with a short walk to the river Zavrelje, known for its water that was once transported to the old town of Dubrovnik. Astarea Tavern brings the aromas and flavours of the entire region of Dalmatia into one space with a combination of romance, the sound of guitar, and delicious seafood dishes. Try black risotto, mussels, fresh prawns, or the traditional Dubrovnik dish šporki makaruli, or “dirty macaroni”.

Oleander Bistro & Restaurant
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Located on the beach, Oleander Bistro & Restaurant is the ideal spot for a gourmet break from the sun and fun activities by the sea. In the beautiful ambience, guests can enjoy morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail, as well as grilled fish and meat dishes. All of this, surrounded by beautiful views of the sea and islands.

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