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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Would you like a cup of gourmet coffee or a protein shake? A light breakfast or a more substantial meal to keep you going for longer? It’s a new day. The city is waiting to be explored. Business is waiting to be done. What about a reward after a successful day? Culinary masterpieces or a drink on the hotel rooftop overlooking Zagreb at night. Zonar Zagreb offers two restaurants: the Skinny Pig à la carte restaurant and the Skinny restaurant, offering steaks. In the hotel lobby, you will find the Skin2Skin Bar and the Official Salmon Deli, and if you climb all the way to the hotel rooftop, you can enjoy the unique pool bar Cherry Pop.


Skinny Pig Restaurant

Describing Skinny Pig as an à la carte restaurant would not even touch upon everything it offers. The dishes are divided into four carefully developed nutritional menus. Energy offers delicious and filling meals packed with ingredients that are a great source of energy, perfect for very busy days. Carb-free and Fitness menus are created for those who are watching their calorie intake. And for those times when you feel like pulling a well-deserved cheat day, check out the Sin menu and enjoy the tasty specialities. You deserve it. Alongside the exquisite food, you can enjoy the culinary theatre of your dish being prepared right before your eyes.

Skinny Pig Steaks

The Skinny Pig steakhouse is a unique addition to Zagreb’s vibrant restaurant scene. The uniqueness can be seen in the restaurant’s concept and in the signature dishes by our awarded chef and his crew. The signature that you will recognise every time you taste our delicious fish steaks and seafood delicacies.

Skin2Skin Bar

The urban lifestyle of our guests implies that they have no time to lose. That is why the Lobby Bar offers fast, light and healthy snacks, craft cocktails and premium coffee in a cosy ambience with carefully selected background music and entertainment programmes every day.

Official Salmon Deli

This exciting takeaway is a fresh new concept on the Zagreb scene of food delivery services and offers creative dishes made from top-quality fish.

Cherry Pop Rooftop Bar

Successful business day? Or simply enjoying casual networking? Either way, you deserve that craft cocktail by the pool on the hotel rooftop. Cherry Pop Rooftop Bar and its relaxed ambience are a nod to the hotel’s iconic neighbourhood.

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