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Skinny Pig Restaurant

Describing Skinny Pig, which will be opening soon, as an à la carte restaurant at Zonar Zagreb would not even touch upon everything it will offer. The dishes will be divided into four carefully developed nutritional menus. Energy will offer delicious and filling meals packed with ingredients that are a great source of energy, perfect for very busy days. Carb-free and Fitness menus will be created for those watching their calorie intake. And for those times when you feel like pulling a well-deserved cheat day, check out the Sin menu, and you will enjoy tasty specialities. You deserve it. Alongside the exquisite food, you will be able to enjoy the culinary theatre of your dish being prepared right before your eyes.

Skinny Pig Steaks
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The Skinny Pig steakhouse, which will be opening soon, is going to be a unique addition to Zagreb’s vibrant restaurant scene. The uniqueness will be visible in the restaurant’s concept and in the signature dishes by our awarded chef and his crew. The signature that you will recognise every time you taste our delicious fish steaks and seafood delicacies.

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