Apartments Vrsar

Resort Belvedere

Nestled on the hillside overlooking the Marina and 18 green islands in the background, Belvedere apartments are minutes away from Vrsar`s old town, with a natural beach right below.

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Resort Petalon

The green Mediterranean oasis of Petalon hides under a roof of pine trees, occupying a small peninsula right across from Vrsar, with nice rocky beaches surrounding it. Spend your holidays in style with a great view and a lot to do.

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All inclusive resort Funtana

The all-inclusive Funtana pavilions cascade gently to the rocky beach and azure waters. Minutes away from Vrsar`s old town, Funtana is a place for people who want to escape their worries for a few days.

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Apartments Riva

Feel the local vibe at the Vrsar waterfront just minutes from the beaches and pools. Enjoy the view of the Old Town and the fishing boats in the port whether you are there on business or on holiday.

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Naturist Park Koversada Apartments

Located at the entrance of Lim Bay, the Koversada Apartments offer all the comforts of home without the restraint of clothes. Be surrounded by azure waters, pristine nature and bask in the warm glow of the sun.

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Naturist Park Koversada Villas

Naturist Park Koversada Villas occupies a spacious green oasis famous for the tame beauty of its nature and the quality of clothes-free living.

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