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The peninsula with a paddle.


Discovering nature at the seaside and listening to the sound of the sea while rhythmically paddling is one of the charms of kayaking. Whether recreational or adventurous, early morning, by day or at night, kayaking always opens up new horizons.


  • indented coastline
  • a large number of islands and cliffs
  • a variety of sea organisms
  • snorkelling
  • rent-a-kayak
  • guided tours
  • for all levels, from beginners to professionals
  • logistical support of experts
  • guarantee of quality and safety

Organised kayaking programmes
The beauties of Istria are met through programmes aimed at different groups of users, offering varying degrees of complexity, and so are created for recreationists, athletes or families. By way of a total of six programmes, the picturesque landscapes of the Rovinj islands, the attractive and wild nature of the Lim Channel and the unique connection between the islands and islets of Vrsar are revealed.

Preparation and training of kayakers and rowers in the Lim Channel
The Lim Channel, a fascinating sea canyon that penetrates 13 kilometres into the peninsula’s interior, offers a truly distinctive kayaking and rowing experience. Its almost vertical green cliffs create exceptional visuals on the surface of the sea throughout the day, and paddling is possible here both during the summer and winter.