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Outdoor events

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Outdoor events

The area of our destination, stretching from the Adriatic coast and the islets of the Rovinj and Vrsar archipelago into the interior of the Istrian peninsula, towards the town of Bale and onto Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar, is a place of exceptional natural beauty and a proven venue for a number of events.

Activities ranging from competitive racing to recreational gatherings will give you the opportunity to measure your strength and spend joyful days in the pleasant company of outdoor enthusiasts – of all generations.
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Bike & outdoor events 2024

time April
place Rovinj
type recreational sports weekend
The most exciting active weekend in Rovinj is being prepared for you for late April, just at the right time for a spring reawakening. Organised by the Town of Rovinj and its sports and tourist board, a number of sporting activities adapted to all ages are being held, with the weekend ending in the magical Rovinj half marathon.

Let’s Climb Together: Zlatni Rt
time May
place Rovinj
type sport climbing

In May, why not immerse yourself in a new skill and try out an exciting gravity-defying activity? An exciting climbing event organised by Muntravo Sport Climbing Club awaits you in Rovinj Golden Cape Forest Park.

Lim Bay Challenge
time May
place Vrsar
type adventure race

The biggest adventure in the Lim Channel begins in the Vrsar tourist resort of Belvedere. The organiser is the Trickeri Sport Association, which has prepared a two-day adventure which will find everyone engaged in challenging activities in natural surroundings. It is up to you to choose the category you want to participate in!

Bale -Valle Outdoor Festival
time July
place Bale
type outdoor festival

Three days devoted entirely to outdoor activities are being prepared by the Trickeri Sport Association and the Infinitus Sports Recreation Association in July. You can try out running, mountain biking or team adventure racing. We will cheerfully see you off and look forward to your return to Bale.