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Outdoor experts

Reliable support with every step you make.

Outdoor experts

In search of new adventures, we believe it is of the utmost importance to ensure every step and to take care of the full enjoyment of all our guests. This is provided by trusted and experienced partners, each specialist in their field of action. Carefully selected partners are verified and offer significant support in each segment of planning and carrying out outdoor activities. Top-level knowledge and professional service are an integral part of every program, whether we are dealing with long-time active holiday enthusiasts or beginners who want to try out new activities.
Our experts will be available during all the programs and itineraries we have created for you.


Long-term partners with a number of Istrian towns in the organisation of attractive competitions throughout Istria, experts from Sport Box have been drawing and executing extraordinary itineraries for walking and cycling trails, orientation trekking races and recreational marathons. They are also the organisers of the largest Istrian trail race, by which they have cross-linked almost 100 magnificent miles through the entire peninsula and successfully listed it with the Ultra-Trail World Tour World Cup, which brings together only 21 of the best trail races in the world.


A reliable partner in the selection of adrenaline activities, Adistra is a specialist in creating top kayaking, team building and sport climbing experiences. The greatest support will be given to beginners deciding to paddle for the first time with a kayak or to step onto a vertical rock, but at the same time to those interested in finding new adventures.

Fiore tours

Experts, primarily in the cycling field, who have been designing playable outdoor itineraries for many years, and who are constantly looking for new coves, the most beautiful views of the sunset, the most distant views. Every year they come across another unexplored path or viewpoint. Inventive in creating outdoor offers for couples or individuals, families and smaller groups, will attract every guest with their love for sport as well as a cultural heritage and gastronomy that loyally follow their itineraries.