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Sport climbing

Skill in harmony with nature.

Sport climbing

Sport climbing is suitable for both children and adults. The area of Rovinj represents the perfect destination for beginners as well as for families with children. The mild Mediterranean climate allows climbing throughout the year.

The unforgettable view spreading from the rocks of the Lim Channel will make your sunny winter days within family even more seductive. The climbing site abounds with long and easier routes, although advanced climbers will also be able to satisfy their needs.

The ancient remains of the medieval town of Dvigrad, which, according to the legend, hides the treasure of the famous pirate Henry Morgan, as well as the climbing spot of the same name characterized by shorter and, technically, very demanding routes, will not leave you indifferent.


  • 3 climbing sites
  • 373 routes
  • grades from 4b to 8c
  • technically medium and easy routes
  • climbing sites suitable for beginners
  • climbing sites suitable for families with children
  • attractive climbing locations – breath-taking view

Climbing site map Dvigrad

Climbing site map Lim channel

Climbing site map Rovinj-Rovigno

Organised climbing

Climbing schools are available to all, from the youngest, who fearlessly conquer the heights to adults, regardless of their physical condition, because each person determines his or her own pace.

Guided tours with a certified instructor who will instruct each climber into reaching the summit as successfully as possible, are an excellent opportunity to let yourself go into an adrenaline-filled experience with safe guidance, whilst at the same time getting to know these attractive Istrian landscapes.

The option of equipment rental will provide for the youngest generation enjoyment in the adventure of conquering the “verticals”, mastering the secrets of this exciting sport through the climbing school, with all the necessary safety measures and under the watchful eye of an expert instructor.

Sport climbing club „SPK Muntravo“