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Together for a better world

Maistra d.d. is one of the leading tourism companies in Croatia, and has located its luxury hotels, tourist resorts and camps in Rovinj, Vrsar, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.

Sustainability policy

Through the brands Maistra Collection, Maistra Select, Maistra Camping and Maistra City Vibes, we show our strength, vision, uniqueness and always think about the wishes of our guests.

Maistra Camping
Maistra Camping

In our business, we place the greatest emphasis on the satisfaction of guests and employees, as well as cooperation with local communities and suppliers. We care about the quality of the environment and the economy, and conscientiously accept our responsibility towards everyone involved in our business. We are constantly improving and harmonizing business processes and activities, thereby achieving the goals of sustainable development of the UN and those of the European Green Plan. We believe that the long-term success of our business depends on the satisfaction of our guests and employees, cooperation with local communities and suppliers, the quality of the environment and the economy, so we do everything in our power to ensure that all activities are carried out to mutual satisfaction.

Maistra Camping
Maistra Camping
Maistra Camping

Implementation of the Sustainable Business Policy

We apply the requirements of the Sustainable Business Policy to all employees and destinations, and the Management of Maistra d.d. takes care of its implementation and as well as directors of hotels, tourist resorts and camps.

Objectives Of Sustainable Business

Long-term business sustainability is achieved by harmonizing business with legal regulations, and the issue of sustainability is included in all bus ness decisions. In addition, we make sure that all decisions are in line with respect for human rights, the economy and the preservation of cultural heritage and the environment.

Society And Human Rights

• We provide our workers with a healthy and safe environment and equal rights and working conditions.

• We encourage them to improve their existing knowledge and skills and acquire new ones.

• We cooperate with local communities in all destinations and work to improve the quality of life.

• We include the local community in all significant activities in a timely manner.

• Safety at work, respect for human rights and environmental protection are prerequisites for selecting new suppliers and for continuing cooperation with existing suppliers.

• Security, protection of personal data and the health of our guests is our first priority, so we implement all measures to ensure that it is implemented.


• We reduce the amount of plastic waste and food waste.

• Reducing the consumption of energy and energy products, as well as the consumption of water and the amount of waste water.

• Increasing the shares of renewable energy sources in the consumption of electricity and energy for heating and cooling.

• Work to preserve biological, geological and landscape diversity in our destinatons.

• Inform guests about the importance of preserving the environment and cultural heritage.


• We invest in environmentally sustainable activities in accordance with EU policies.

• Effectively manage business risks and continuous profit generation.

• Working on the digitization of business processes in order to increase the efficiency of operations and, consequently, the satisfaction of guests.

• Increasing our shares in the existing market and expanding our operations to new markets.

• Continuously monitor the development of the tourism sector and enrich the offer with new services and products.

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