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Bike hotels and services

This offer is within a segment of special offers for cyclotourists in hotels with the widest range of services adapted to the needs of guests looking for an attractive and active holiday.

Anchored in the embrace of the magical Vrsar archipelago, the Pineta Hotel offers a number of benefits to its visitors in search of accommodation that has been adapted to the needs of cyclists.

A modern structure with 95 rooms and 4 suites offering every comfort needed throughout the year with additional facilities and a number of modern technology advantages.

Besides the fitness studio, you will have hydro massage baths, saunas and thai massage treatments at your disposal that will help you energise your body and relax after your daily efforts.

Bike Hotel Pineta – informative leaflet

At the same time, Vrsar’s surroundings offer other possibilities for an active holiday and a variety of sporting activities. A cyclist-friendly diet is an integral part of the restaurant menu offering special meals for all other athletes during their preparation period.

The Pineta Hotel offers guests the possibility of having enhanced meals or lunch packages.

  • 1/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 2/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 3/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 4/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 5/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 6/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 7/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 8/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 9/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 10/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 11/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 12/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 13/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 14/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 15/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 16/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 17/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 18/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 19/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 20/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 21/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 22/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

  • 23/23 - Bike Hotel Pineta

Bike Hotel services for cyclists

  • 3 locked bike rooms under video surveillance (for a total 49 bikes)
  • a repair tool set (workshop for simple bicycle repairs)
  • bike parking lot (bicycle stands in front of the facility)
  • bike wash (possibility of personal washing)
  • Bike Info Corner (an area for cyclists that includes):
    > a LED TV with information about the offer for cyclists
    > an area for cyclists to spend time together
    > cycling maps and itineraries
    > specialist magazines
    > calendar of cycling events
    > free GPS records of cycling trails
  • rent a bike – recommendation of renters in the region
  • Bike information table (informative map of cycling trails placed in a visible spot in front of the facility)
  • Bike service card (list of important telephone numbers)
  • Bike lunch package
  • Après bike snack (afternoon menu with snacks specially created for cyclists)
  • possibility for charging electric bike batteries
  • reserved space for luggage and equipment storage
  • hotel transfer for people and luggage
  • fitness (additional charge)
  • wellness (saunas, Jacuzzi, swimming pool) no extra charge
  • massages (additional charge)
  • meeting room (additional charge)
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • laundry of sports clothes (at extra cost)
  • weather forecast (daily weather forecasts)
  • additional sports offer (offer of additional sporting facilities)

Nearby cycling events

Nearby service providers for cyclists

Montraker sport centar (rent a bike)

Sport Resort Petalon

Sport Resort Belvedere

Gardens d.o.o. (Camping Tina)

PF d.o.o. (Maks rent)

Reliable support from cycling experts

Every corner of this destination is dedicated to cycling and has suitable support for your research ventures. We particularly want to emphasise that our destinations complement the range of services and programs on a daily basis.

We have taken care in Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar that you receive appropriate support at every stage of your Istrian cycling adventure. Special attention is dedicated to points providing logistic support as well as to shops and services that will provide you with quality equipment maintenance, fast repairs and undisturbed pleasure whilst cycling.

Trust our excellent professionals, their care and expertise.

Shops, services, rent a bike and equipment

Type of service Type of bicycle Address Phone number E-mail Opening period
Bike point hotel Eden
Repair service and rental
- Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
- E - bikes
Luja Adamovića 33
GSM: +385 (0)99 7313969 [email protected] 1.1.-31.12.
Sport hotel Family Amarin Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Children's bicycles
Val de Lesso 5 GSM: +385 (0)99 2197039 [email protected] 1.1.-31.12.
Sport Resort Amarin Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Children's bicycles
Monsena 2 GSM: +385 (0)91 6044460 [email protected] 5.4.-15.10.
Sport Resort Villas Rubin Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
- Roadbikes
Villas Rubin 1 GSM: +385 (0)52 801400 [email protected] 17.5.-29.09.
Bike planet
Repair service, sales and rental
- Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Trg na lokvi 3
GSM: +385 (0)91 7232094 [email protected] 1.1.-31.12.
Lera Rovinj Sport
Repair service, sales and rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Tina Ujevića 20
Tel.: +385 (0)52 818 225
GSM: +385 (0)99 2385487
[email protected]
RM Group
- Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Istarska 45 GSM: +385 (0)98 993 8253 [email protected]
Dik & Company Rental - Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Ul. Pietra Ive 2C Tel.: +385 (0)52 818181 [email protected] 1.1.-31.12.
Song Gem Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Prve istarske brigade 1 GSM: +385 (0)98 858568 [email protected] 15.6.-15.9.
EXNOVO d.o.o.,
turistička agencija TARGET TRAVEL
Rental, bike shuttle, transfer for people and luggage - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Tina Ujevića 12 Tel.: +385 (0)52 817 354 [email protected] 1.4.-1.11.
Aries turistička agencija
- Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
Obala V. Nazora 1
Tel.: +385 (0)52 830 249 [email protected]
[email protected]

Vetura rent a car d.d. Rental
- Mountain bike (MTB)
- E - bikes
Matteo Benussi 2 A Tel.: +385 (0)52 815 209
GSM: +385 (0)91 730 44 08
[email protected]
[email protected]


Sport Resort Petalon Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Children's bicycles
- Roadbikes
Petalon 2 GSM: +385 (0)99 7312601 [email protected]
Sport Resort Belvedere Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Petalon 1 GSM: +385 (0)92 2612558 [email protected] 15.4.-15.10.
Sport Center Montraker (obrt Ursaria Petrol) Rental - Mountain bike (MTB) Montraker 2b
GSM: +385 (0)91 5774819 [email protected] 21.4.-15.10.
Gardens d.o.o. (Camping Tina) Repair service, rental and bike wash - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
Sv. Martin 2/3 GSM: +385 (0)98 9467034 [email protected] 20.4.-1.10.
PF d.o.o. (Maks rent) Rental - Mountain bike (MTB)
- Trekking/city bikes
- Children's bicycles
St. Vergotini 21D Tel.: +385 (0)52 423130 [email protected] 1.5.-1.10.


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