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Visit to an oil mill and olive oil tasting

We are taking you to an oil mill where you can witness the production process of Istrian extra virgin olive oil, whose quality has been celebrated since the Roman era. There you will have the opportunity to taste multiple types of olive oil with snacks.

Includes: visit to an oil mill and tasting multiple types of olive oil with snacks and 2 dl of wine.

Hunting for truffles and truffle tasting

Our trip takes us to an area in Istria known for its truffle habitat - the valley of the Mirna River in the Motovun Forest, and the area around Buzet, the town of truffles, and the Valley - the world truffle centre, where the largest truffle in the world has been discovered and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Includes: a demonstration of truffle hunting in its original habitat by a truffle hunter and a truffle dog, tasting includes: omelette or fuži with truffles, fresh bread, olive oil, a glass of red wine, and fritule. Duration: 1 hour.

Truffle tasting and truffle products

Try a true gastronomic delicacy - Istrian truffles paired with several tested combinations at autochthonous locations in inner Istria.

Includes: finger-food cheese with truffles, finger food with prosciutto, homemade “fuži” pasta with truffle sauce, homemade bread, olive oil, deep-fried doughnuts (“fritule”), and a glass of white and red wine.

Tasting of prosciutto and other home-made dried meat products

Have you ever wondered how the traditional Istrian prosciutto, as well as ombolo, sausages and bacon, are made? We are taking you to see the traditional production process and to experience their unique taste along with a glass of white wine.

Includes: a visit to prosciutto maker, tasting of Istrian dried meat products on a platter: prosciutto, bacon, sausage, ombolo with a spread and 2 dl of wine.

Wine tasting in Istrian wine cellars

Visit the wine cellars of first-class Istrian wine makers, who will offer their expert knowledge on the wine making process, leading you through the tasting of multiple types of wine with snacks.

Includes: a visit to the wine cellars, presentation of the winery and wine, a tasting of 3-4 types of wine with cheese, bread and olives.

Tasting of seafood delicacies

Experience the divine taste of the sea by tasting seafood delicacies, shells and fish fresh from the depths of the sea, and enjoy the unique taste and nature of the protected landscape of the Bay of Lim.

Includes: tasting of shells and fish grown in the Bay of Lim.


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