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Cycling trails

Depending on the type and technical difficulty, Istrian cycling trails are divided into easy, moderately demanding, and very demanding categories. The surfaces change from dirt road to macadam and asphalt. Trails in the area of Rovinj, Vrsar, Bale, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar are marked and regularly maintained, extending over a length from 10 to 135 kilometres and with an altitude difference of a maximum 1,600 metres.

It will be easy to find your favourite trail among the 11 mountain, 9 family and recreation and 15 road trails. Each of them being special in its own way, hiding a personal story. We have prepared a gps record and detailed description for each of the trails that will lead you to new experiences.

Mountain bike trails

Captivating macadam of mountain biking

Offer for mountain bike enthusiasts:

  • 11 mountain bike trails
  • trails marked with cycling signals
  • technically easy and moderately demanding trails
  • single trails
  • ride by the sea and in the green interior
  • preserved nature
  • attractive climbs
  • logistical support of experts
  • quality and safety

MTB map

Location Trail number Name of the trail Surface Length (KM) Altitude Level of difficulty ITINERERY
macadam (km) asphalt (km)
ROVINJ 201 Limes 30.1 8.9 39 300 m Medium TN Amarin - Saline - Valalta - Rovinjsko Selo - Porton Biondi - TN Amarin
202 Rubinum 22.9 4.6 27.5 350 m Medium Polari - AC Veštar - Rovinjsko Selo - Porton Biondi - Polari
203 Vistrum 17.3 9.3 26.6 200 m Easy Park šuma - Škaraba - TN Villas Rubin - Valbruna - Palud - Stancija Milić - Park šuma
BALE 251 Flavours of the Mediterranean 15.5 5.8 21.3 150 m Easy Bale - Krmed - Lokva - Bale
252 Sleeping Guards of the Roman Empire 11.7 10 21.7 175 m Easy Bale - Colone - San Polo - Bale
KANFANAR 271 Journey to Central Istria: Majestic Draga 24.9 8 32.9 531 m Medium Kanfanar - Marići - Maružini - Matohanci - Sošići - Limska draga - Kanfanar
273 Captain Morgan and the Ghost Town 9.8 14 23.8 479 m Medium Kanfanar - Žminj - Limska draga - Barat - Mrgani - Dvigrad - Kanfanar
274 Pedalling Along the 45th Parallel 12.2 6.5 18.7 263 m Medium Sošići - Bubani - Žuntići - Šorići - Golaš - Pilkovići - Brajkovići
VRSAR 171 The Magical Archipelago 14.9 3.4 18.3 150 m Easy Vrsar - Kapetanova Stancija - Finida - Funtana - Vrsar
174 Itinerary of the Most Fascinating Views 17.4 21.8 39.2 553 m Medium Vrsar - Limski kanal - Jural - Barat - Kontija - Vrsar
SVETVINČENAT 690 Renaissance on Two Wheels 22.4 7.2 29.6 375 m Easy Svetvinčenat

Family and recreational trails

Fun and entertainment for all generations

Cycling experiences tailor-made for adults, but also for the younger family members. Together with the nine organised trails, in our destination you will be welcomed by around ten different bike races taking place throughout the year:

  • 9 trails for family and recreational rides
  • 95 kilometres of organised trails
  • for all generations of the family and recreationists
  • from the Adriatic coast to the green hinterlan
  • through preserved natural surroundings
  • with rich cultural itineraries
  • interesting offer of attractions an
  • high quality gourmet offer along the trails

Bike map for cyclists and families

Location Trail number Name of the trail Surface Length (KM) Altitude Level of difficulty ITINERERY
macadam (km) asphalt (km)
ROVINJ 221 Stories from a Woodman's Cottage 7.7 1.5 9.2 140 Easy ulaz park Zlatni Rt (Lone)-Škaraba-Cuvi-Staza Mira-Centener-košarkaški tereni-Zlatni Rt
222 Trail of the Noble Giant 7.4 4.3 11.7 162 Easy Amarin resort-Monsena-Bažilika-Sv. Tomaž-Sv. Proto-Montero-Sv.Bartol-Valalta-Saline-Amarin resort
BALE 231 A Hidden Heritage 8.8 1 9.8 168 Easy Bale-St.Michel-sjeverni dio Bala
KANFANAR 291 Kumbašeja Kids Trail 6.4 5.1 11.5 144 Easy Kanfanar-Burići-Marići-Kumbešija-Burići-Kanfanar
VRSAR 191 In the Forest Kingdom 8.1 2.5 10.6 174 Easy Vrsar-Kapetanova stancija-Kontija-sportski aerodrom-Kapetanova stancija(prečica)-Vrsar
192 Trail of Sculptures by a Famous Artist 1.4 7.6 9 106 Easy Vrsar (parkiralište groblje)-vinogradi Laguna-Funtana-Dino park-Parka Đamonja-Vrsar
193 On the Hermit's Trail 7.5 2 9.5 149 Easy Vrsar riva-Kapetanova stancija-Kontija-Kloštar (Samostan Sv. Mihovila)
SVETVINČENAT 671 On the roads of castles 3.8 8 11.8 136 Easy Svetvičenat-Krančići-Rapanji-Smoljanci-Svetvinčenat
672 Roveria 6.3 8.6 14.9 161 Easy Juršići - Sv. Kirin - Cukrići - juršići

Road trails

A whole year of road cycling challenges

Professional cycling requires training throughout the year as well as special treatments and accompanying facilities that enable top form maintenance and an appropriate preparation for top competitions. In our area, you will be able to train uninterruptedly throughout the year with an offer of fifteen exceptional trails for road bikes:

  • 15 road cycling trails
  • 1,021 kilometre network of marked roads
  • a cycling season that lasts for 12 months
  • a favourable road network
  • excellent organisation for pre and post ride preparation
  • high quality offer of accompanying facilities
  • training camps for individuals and groups
  • infrastructure for other sports

Roadbike map

Location Trail number Name of the trail Surface Length (KM) Altitude Level of difficulty ITINERERY
macadam (km) asphalt (km)
ROVINJ 211 North-Northwest
137.0 137.0 1.790 m Difficult Rovinj (parking Valdibora)-Rovinjsko Selo-Limski kanal-Medaki-Baderna-Vižinada-Ponte Porton-Bijele Zemlje-Stanica-Dupci-Poropati-Šterna-Oprtalj-Livade-Motovun-Karojba-Katun Trviški-Tinjan-Sveti Petar u Šumi-Kanfanar-Salambati-Krmed-Bale-Kokuletovica-Rovinj (parking Valdibora)
212 A Postcard from Rovinj
61.0 61.0 770 m Medium Rovinj (parking Valdibora)-Gripuli-Rovinjsko Selo-Kanfanar-Dvigrad-Korenići-Dubravci-Sveti Lovreč-Stranići kod Lovreča-Marasi-Kloštar-Limski kanal-Putini-Rovinjsko Selo-Rovinj centar-Rovinj (parking Valdibora)
213 Rovinj Triangle
35.0 35.0 270 m Easy Rovinj (parking Valdibora)-Rovinjsko Selo-Putini-Bale-Rovinj (parking Valdibora)
BALE 241 Trail of 365 Flavours
86.0 86.0 810 m Difficult Bale (parkiralište sportske dvorane)-Limski kanal-Medaki-Sveti Lovreč-Srbinjak-Tinjan-Sv Petar u Šumi-Žminj-Barban-Glavani-Šajini-Svetvinčenat-Krmed-Bale (parkiralište sportske dvorane)
242 A Three Thousand Year History
49.0 49.0 230 m Medium Bale (parkiralište sportske dvorane)-Vodnjan-Pula (centar)-Fažana-Peroj-Barbariga-Bale (parkiralište sportske dvorane)
243 Two Wheels and One Hour
35.0 35.0 230 m Easy Bale (parkiralište sportske dvorane)-Rovinj centar-Rovinjsko Selo-Bale (parkiralište sportske dvorane)
KANFANAR 281 98 km for 98 views
98.0 98.0 1.430 m Difficult Kanfanar (Trg sv. Valentina) -Pifari-Sveti Petar u Šumi-Tinjan-Škropeti-Karojba-Motovun-Livade-Butoniga Jezero-Ukotići-Kašćerga-Jelenkovići-Lazi-Kaldir-Meloni-Močibobi-Vranići kod Višnjana-Cvitani-Baderna-Sveti Lovreč-Červari-Mrgani-Kanfanar (Trg sv Valentina)
282 Through the Eight Along the Lim Channel
64.0 64.0 670 m Medium Kanfanar (Trg sv. Valentina) -Mrgani-Červari-Sveti Lovreč-Stranići kod Lovreča-Gradina-Flengi-Vrsar,centar-Funtana-Mugeba-Jasenovica-Flengi-Gradina-Kloštar-Limski kanal-Kurili-Kanfanar (Trg sv. Valentina)
283 In the Heart of Green Istria
37.0 37.0 220 m Easy Kanfanar (Trg sv. Valentina)-Modrušani-Gradišće-Benčići-Rudani-Balići-Batlug-Katun Lindarski-Žminj-Antočići-Pifari-Kanfanar (Trg sv. Valentina)
VRSAR 181 101 km and a truffle
101.0 101.0 1.195 m Difficult Vrsar (Hotel Pineta)-Funtana-Poreč-Gedići-Labinci-Vižinada-Bijele Zemlje-Stanica-Grožnjan-Meštri-Šterna-Oprtalj-Livade-Motovun-Karojba-Štuti-Radovani-Pršurići-Žbandaj-Radmani-Jasenica-Flengi-Vrsar centar-Vrsar (Hotel Pineta)
182 Heritage Treasury
64.0 64.0 650 m Medium Vrsar (Hotel Pineta)-Flengi-Kloštar-Limski kanal-Kanfanar-Dvigrad-Mrgani-Červari-Selina-Sv Lovreč-Žbandaj-Poreč centar-Funtana-Vrsar (Hotel Pineta)
183 Olive Groves, Vineyards and Gardens of Vrsar
33.6 33.6 250 m Easy Vrsar (Hotel Pineta)-Flengi-Gradina-Marasi-Stanići kod Lovreča-Sv. Lovreč-Šušnjići-Radmani-Dračevac-Fuškulin-Funtana-Vrsar (Hotel Pineta)
SVETVINČENAT 681 The Wild Beauty of Eastern Coast
102.0 102.0 1.490 m Difficult Svetvinčenat (Placa)-Bričanići-Cere-Petehi-Barban-Most Raša-Trget-Viškovići-Škitača-Ravni-Labin-Vozilići-Podpićan-Perinići-Sveta Katarina-Jakačići-Laginji-Žminj-Frlini-Svetvinčenat (Placa)
682 Venetian Heritage
79.0 79.0 720 m Medium Svetvinčenat (Placa)-Smoljanci-Krmed-Limski kanal-Kloštar-Flengi-Vrsar centar-Funtana-Mugeba-Fuškulin-Dračevac-Radmani-Šušnjići-Sveti Lovreč-Korenići-Kanfanar-Marići-Svetvinčenat (Placa)
683 On the Grimani’s Trail
34.0 34.0 200 m Easy Svetvinčenat (Placa)-Pajkovići-Bokordići-Orihi-Petehi-Koromani-Žagrići-Žminj-Frlini-Svetvinčenat (Placa)

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