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Visit our exclusive restaurants and taste traditional delicacies of the Croatian cuisine.

Taste the European cuisine as interpreted by our top-notch chef at the Wine Vault fine dining restaurant. The restaurant’s selection of dishes designed to suit the most sophisticated palates and the largest selection of wines in Croatia redefine the fine dining experience of Rovinj.

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The menu of Mediterraneo restaurant in Rovinj offers unique interpretations of Mediterranean recipes with local seasonal ingredients in contemporary surroundings, with beautiful views of the sea and picturesque Lone Bay.

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Located in an attractive space that opens to the Golden Cape Park Forest, the ResoLution Signature Restaurant offers the traditions of Croatian cuisine adjusted to the needs of modern gastronomic nomads that expect flexibility and diversity in the selection of dishes.

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La Serra, Anno Domini 547, St. Andrew's Island

A unique, romantic old castle ambiance dominated by a touch of the Austro-Hungarian times and a spacious yet intimate terrace offering a view of the Golden Cape Park Forest and the Rovinj archipelago.

Experience Rovinj's gastronomic legacy at Kantinon Tavern. Discover the world of local fishermen and enjoy original Rovinj cuisine inspired by the lore of the sea. The Kantinon menu features old recipes prepared from the freshest ingredients, just how grandma used to make.

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Oleander Restaurant, Hotel Eden

The Oleander restaurant is located in the shade of the Golden Cape Park Forest alongside a romantic walkway connecting it with the town. The daily menu of the restaurant has been prepared for guests who wish to escape from the sun and the sea for a moment during the day and refresh themselves with a light salad or Istrian prosciutto in combination with olives and artichokes.

Relax in an ambiance ensuring high quality upon every visit at the foot of the old town of Rovinj in Croatia, not far from the sea, in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the town.

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The atmosphere in the "On" restaurant bespeaks the design and aesthetics of the hotel. The strong lines and colours that stand in contrast against the materials and large glass surfaces reflecting the beauty of the outdoor scenery projecting it onto the interior surfaces create a marvellous feel.

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"E" restaurant is located on the most attractive floor of the six-story central part of Hotel Lone. Opened space, magnificent views of the hotel grounds in Rovinj and a modern design dominate the restaurant's atmosphere.

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Lungomare Restaurant, Vrsar

Tucked in right underneath Hotel Pineta, this unique restaurant terrace boasts a great view of Vrsar, with the fishing boat lights decorating the archipelago in the distance. Enjoy good company and a great atmosphere wrapped in a refreshing salty breeze.

Amatis, Croatia’s smallest restaurant, is located on the exclusive Monte Mulini hotel terrace. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two accompanied by moonlight over the Lone Bay.

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Trattoria Basilico, Vrsar

Trattoria Basilico is located at the very waterfront of the fishing town of Vrsar. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a view of the marina, restore your power with homemade pizza and pasta, freshen up with ice-cream during the hot summer days.


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