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Trail & Trekking

Along the roads of epic history.

We believe that in a region with thousands of years of history, a living tradition and pristine nature every healthy life enthusiast will find his own special corner for enjoyment. The endless sea and calming greenery of the Istrian inland attract many visitors from around the world throughout the year.


  • 12 circular trails
  • 200 kilometres of trail paths
  • transversal in the wider area of Istria, with a total length of 70 km
  • trails of medium and easy technical difficulty
  • run by the sea and in the green inland area
  • preserved nature
  • attractive climbs
  • logistical support of experts
  • guarantee of quality and safety

Trail & Trekking map

SightRun is a free mobile application providing a new dimension of running with an audio-guided tour and GPS note, combining this activity with sightseeing and exploration of Rovinj and its surroundings.

Informative leaflet

macadam (km) asphalt (km)
ROVINJ 401 The sunny coast of Count Hüterott 26.2 5.7 31.9 240 m 240 m Difficult Rovinj - Rovinjsko Selo - park šume Zlatni rt - Rovinj
402 The wondrous terrain of the Lim Channel 6 1.2 7.2 94 m 94 m Easy Rovinjsko Selo - Limski kanal - Rovinjsko Selo
BALE 421 Architecture in landscape 9.2 2.1 11.3 81 m 81 m Easy Bale - Bale
422 Sea, olive groves and vineyards 9 2.9 11.9 28 m 160 m Easy Bale - AC Colone - Bale
423 Mediterranean nature and tradition 21.6 3.7 25.3 215 m 215 m Medium
Bale - AC Mon Perin - Bale
424 Dry stonewalls and asparagus 3.7 1.2 4.9 88 m 88 m Easy Bale - Bale
KANFANAR 441 A story about a vanished city 5.6 4.8 10.4 200 m 200 m Easy Kanfanar - Dvigrad - Kanfanar
442 The challenge of steep shores 6.9 1.1 8 288 m 288 m Medium Limski kanal - Limski kanal
443 Magical Istria 30.7 4.3 35 425 m 425 m Difficult Kanfanar - Rovinjsko Selo - Dvigrad - Kanfanar
VRSAR 561 A story of pirates and kidnapped treasure 10.5 3.7 14.2 92 m 92 m Medium Vrsar - Limski kanal - Kontija - Vrsar
SVETVINČENAT 771 Medieval secrets 8 2.3 10.3 76 m 76 m Easy Svetvinčenat - Bričanci - Svetvinčenat
772 Castles, palaces and the aristocracy 25.7 7.5 33.2 277 m 277 m Difficult Svetvinčenat - Svetvinčenat

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