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Holiday inspiration

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Continental Croatia meets the Adriatic in Istria, the heart-shaped, 3600-sq-km peninsula in the country's northwest. The bucolic interior of rolling hills and fertile plains attracts food- and culture-focused visitors to Istria’s hilltop villages, rural hotels and farmhouse restaurants, while the indented coastline is enormously popular with sun and sea lovers. The facilities on the coast are wide-ranging, the sea is clean and there are plentiful secluded spots.

Holiday inspiration and events calendar

Would you like to know what others plan to see in Croatia? Take a look at the most recent ideas for sightseeing around Croatia, and see if any of these itineraries are to your liking.

Holiday inspiration

Spring in Istria
If you’ve never wandered what spring looks like in Istria, you’re in the right place. This place, at the heart of the Mediterranean, is bustling with life throughout the year, and spring is the best introduction into what comes next, what we all know very well – the summer season. Istria can’t be painted with words, but we can try. This short guide can help you form an idea of what to expect.
Dive into the exciting summer updates at Maistra
At Maistra, we spend the offseason diligently crafting your dream holiday experience, ensuring that we keep delivering the experience you’ve longed for. Explore the myriad of new updates awaiting you this summer at Maistra, from revamped sanitary facilities to encounters with Istrian dragons!
A holiday in Dubrovnik with fun day trips
Join us as we run through the most attractive locations, then book your stay in Dubrovnik.
A paradise for celebrities: Dubrovnik’s Book of Visitors
The city of Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination for countless Hollywood actors, singers, athletes, fashion icons and royalty.
A visit to Lim Bay by boat is a hidden gem of Istria!
See the beauty of the Istrian coast on a boat trip to wonderful Lim Bay, where you’ll enjoy stunning nature, spectacular views, and freshly prepared sea specialities. Book a cruise of Lim Bay, with swimming, snacks, a glass of wine and a lunch featuring local specialties included in the price.
An oasis of calm in a magical forest

Visit Golden Cape forest park.

Also known as Punta Corrente, the Golden Cape is one of the most significant nature parks in the northeast Adriatic.

Only a 15-minute walk from the centre of Rovinj and spreading over an area of 52 hectares, the forest park hides a world of unbelievable diversity, numerous plant species and deep shade that provides cool shelter during the long summer days.

Events calendar

On the paths of Rovinj delicacies
12. 4. 2024 - 25. 4. 2024
If you decide to experience the Roads of Rovinj Delicacies gourmet programme, you will be welcomed by specialities from Rovinj and its surrounding areas, prepared in 12 local restaurants. Their tables offer fish and meat menus at promotional prices. The emphasis has been put on local ingredients and the careful preparation of dishes paired with wines produced by local wine makers.
Weekend Food Festival
19. 4. 2024 - 21. 4. 2024
In its third edition, the Weekend Food Festival will continue the tradition of gathering the world’s best chefs and experts in the field of gastronomy, food industry and catering, creating a unique platform where passion for food and innovation meet.
Delicacies from Vrsar
3. 5. 2024 - 17. 5. 2024
True gourmet rhapsodies await lovers of indigenous delicacies and good drops of wine for whom autumn trips take them to Vrsar. Marinated pilchards (na savor), cold sea tris including octopus, brodetto (fish stew) with polenta or boškarin (indigenous Croatian cattle breed) sauce served with gnocchi, medallions in Teran sauce and Istrian prosciutto are just some of the specialities that will offer pleasure to Vrsar guests.
Limes Bike & Family Tour
11. 5. 2024
Limes Bike & Family Tour - a cycling event for the entire family! The pristine nature there invites you to spend time with friends and family, while the protected landscapes of the Kontija forest and Lim Fjord are a tempting backdrop for all two-wheel ride enthusiasts.
Seasonal food & wine
18. 5. 2024 - 1. 6. 2024
We are taking you on a journey through the seasons on a plate through a varied offer of dishes, their preparation and their importance! Do not miss the unique fusion of old and new, traditional and modern that takes you on the exciting paths of our rich Istrian cuisine. Rovinj and Bale offer another reason to visit these charming little towns in May and June!
Weekend bike & gourmet tour
18. 5. 2024 - 19. 5. 2024
This two-day recreational cycling event is intended for recreational cyclists with MTB, trekking or e-bikes, escorted by a professional guide. Along the bike trails, the participants will have an opportunity to enjoy hidden natural attractions, try Istrian delicacies, wines, and olive oils, and savour the scents of aromatic herbs.
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