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Resort Belvedere | 06.10.2024

Lim Bay Challenge

Lim Bay Challenge

The Lim Channel's biggest adventure returns in its eighth edition! Besides its already cult adventure race and trekking cup, a two-day event brings a handful of new contents – yoga classes, yoga for kids, a boot camp, bike and kayak tours, free climbing and Nordic walking courses... All you have to do is choose the category in which you wish to take part.

Organiser: Istrian Wine Run d.o.o.

00385 (0) 98 936 2420

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Maistra Cup (TE U-14)
13. 9. 2024 - 22. 9. 2024
This year, the international junior tennis tournament will bring together 150 players (with their escorts) from 25 countries, as they attempt to win points in this Tennis Europe Category 3 tournament.
On the paths of Rovinj delicacies
1. 10. 2024 - 15. 10. 2024
If you decide to experience the Roads of Rovinj Delicacies gourmet programme, you will be welcomed by specialities from Rovinj and its surrounding areas, prepared in 12 local restaurants. Their tables offer fish and meat menus at promotional prices. The emphasis has been put on local ingredients and the careful preparation of dishes paired with wines produced by local wine makers.
Tradizione a tavola: veccie riccette del mare
18. 10. 2024 - 31. 10. 2024
This unique gourmet event is based on traditional dishes from the “Recipes from the House of Batana” book. Restaurants in Rovinj and Vrsar offer specially designed menus under the name “Grandpa’s recipes” and “Grandson’s recipes” featured in the interesting booklet containing somewhat forgotten dishes in which “grandpa” and “grandson”, each prepare their dishes in their own way.
Weekend bike & gourmet tour
5. 10. 2024 - 6. 10. 2024
This two-day recreational cycling event is intended for recreational cyclists with MTB, trekking or e-bikes, escorted by a professional guide. Along the bike trails, the participants will have an opportunity to enjoy hidden natural attractions, try Istrian delicacies, wines, and olive oils, and savour the scents of aromatic herbs.
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Exclusive offers

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